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Imagine your version of perfect customer service. You’re probably thinking assistance and advice, hopefully with kindness and transparent salesmanship. What about protection and security? At ROI Call Center Solutions, we are committed to proactively providing data and information protection. In keeping this commitment, ROI Solutions is PCI and HIPAA compliant in its technology and security

July 29, 2015
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More and more research shows that experiences are more valuable than things, possessions, or products. Aside from culture and products, a company will be judged and valued based on its customer experience. Customer experience describes the interactions between a company and a customer over the duration of their relationship. Many companies flourish because of customer

July 22, 2015
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The attitude of all “all hands on deck” is commonplace in any successful or up-and-coming company. Whatever your product or service may be, having the man power to connect the dots is critical. As your business expands, you will quickly find that there is no shame in calling in help—or outsourcing it. What’s at Stake

July 15, 2015
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Any call center representative knows that spoken communication is their craft. The ability to speak professionally, politely, and with a purposeful message can make or break a call. Phrases we use in everyday conversation are often too casual to use with a customer or client, so it’s imperative to be careful with your words. Here

July 8, 2015
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Since opening our doors in 2008, ROI Call Center Solutions has been owned and operated in the U.S. We are proudly committed to employing hundreds of call center agents close to home. Our commitment adds to an estimated 5 million Americans employed in call centers across America. While we work in domestic and global capacities,

July 1, 2015
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