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Monthly Archives: August 2016

In today’s digitally-centered world, consumers long for human interaction when it comes to customer services like resolving issues, offering feedback, and getting assistance with a product or service. Unfortunately, however, many companies fail to provide the authentic customer service that is so valuable to a business’ success. By learning how to improve customer service and

August 30, 2016
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While giving top-notch customer service is a priority for your company, it’s nearly impossible to appease every customer request. But how do you keep customers happy and loyal if you can’t always give them what they want? Keep reading to find out how you can make the answer a positive yes, even when the short

August 23, 2016
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Nearly 10 years into the age of social media, it’s clear that no business, large or small, can afford to ignore social media, especially Facebook. Each business utilizes social media differently. Some may use social media to stay top-of-mind with its customers by sharing engaging content while others may rely on social media to drive

August 18, 2016
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There seems to be a misconception among some corporations that in order to create a thriving business, the company needs to first and foremost serve the shareholders. In reality, the best way to ensure success in your business is to make the happiness of your customers your top priority—everything else will fall into place from

August 16, 2016
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If the quality of your company’s customer service is not where it should be, it’s likely time to instill a customer service culture that will help your organization thrive. Having a culture of service you can be proud of comes down to what is happening on the inside of your organization, and it’s what ultimately

August 10, 2016
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In 2009, an elderly man in Wayne, PA was snowed-in during a winter storm around the holidays. Worried about his food supply, his granddaughter called the town’s local Trader Joe’s grocery store to inquire about having food delivered to his home. The employee at Trader Joe’s told the granddaughter that the store didn’t typically provide

August 5, 2016
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Customer service is absolutely essential in any business. Without good customer service, you don’t have customers, and without customers, you don’t have a business. Every employee within your company needs to know how important it is to do everything possible to serve your customers. The best way to do this is to establish a company

August 3, 2016
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