Don’t Be a Scrooge: How to Treat Employees So They Want to Work

19203726795_9b21265895_zTis’ the season to be a great employer, and for so many reasons other than just making the nice list. As an employer, the way you treat your employees goes a lot further than just having the ‘nice boss’ reputation. Employees who are treated well are also employees who are loyal, hard working, and dedicated to reaching company goals.

The golden rule is a real thing: the better you treat your employees, the better they will treat your customers and the better they will treat you.

If you haven’t been doing these things already, ask yourself the following questions to see if you are treating your employees right. It’s not too late to implement these practices and to see the results in the quality of service your employees offer.


Everyone wants validation. Everyone responds well to hard-earned and appropriate praise. Your employees are no different. When your employee reaches their weekly team goals, or your monthly company goals, make sure there is a system in place for recognizing their accomplishments. If you run a smaller operation, personally thank and congratulate them, or put into place a bragging board where they are recognized for exceptional service.

Make sure good performance is recognized by team leaders or managers during employee evaluations and try to make it personal. If goals are met, recognize it, but take a moment to recognize what about that employee specifically helped them accomplish their goals and let them know you appreciate them individually.

2. Are your employees comfortable?

Have you sat at your employees’ work stations lately? Do you know how comfortable their chairs are? Do they have enough of a division between desks that they cancel out the noise of other employees? If you have phone agents, are their calls affected by office noise?

How about your employees’ equipment? Do they have all the tools they need to accomplish their work? Is all of their technology up-to-date? If they use headsets, are they all functioning properly? Are their monitors, keyboards, phone functioning as they should? Be aware of whether basic necessities are being met.

Creating a comfortable work environment where your employees have the equipment they need to succeed will increase their ability and desire to give quality service to your customers.

3. Are your employees adequately trained and educated?

One thing that leaves an employee feeling devalued and uneasy is being stumped when faced with a customer’s question. Educating and properly training your employees is empowering.

When an employee is adequately trained and educated on all products and processes within their assigned duties, superior customer service will be consistently rendered. Not only will they feel confident in their capacities, but your customers will feel confident in your service.

If you find you are lacking in any of these areas, don’t fret! Taking the time to honestly assess the situation and answer these questions, followed by creating a plan for change where needed will also help your employees feel valued and appreciated. Everyone likes to feel that others will change their ways in order to better serve others, and your employees are no different. Spread some good cheer this season and let your employees know you care by implementing these practices.

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