Reaching your intended customer market can be tricky and expensive. You’ve probably tried email marketing, direct mail, pay-per-click ads, and social media.

But have you tried SMS marketing services?

Text messages reach customers where they spend a great deal of their free time: their smartphones. If you are thinking of creative new tactics to increase quality customer traffic, consider these five ways SMS marketing services can benefit your business:

1. Increase Engagement

Adding SMS marketing services to your repertoire will increase contact with your customers and encourage engagement. Varying the ways and means you use to communicate with your customers will keep your brand fresh in their minds and reach more people.

Some customers are more likely to read an email, while others let their inboxes pile up but always read their texts. Including SMS in your marketing outreach will make sure to catch customers who prefer that method of communication. With SMS marketing services, you’ll increase your brand’s touch points with customers and encourage them to engage with you.

2. Communicate Fast

SMS marketing is a great resource for quick communication. There’s no space to mince words with creative writing and hyperlinked text—get straight to the point with a quick line or two and a call to action.

Text marketing is great for limited promotions, appointment reminders, birthday wishes, and personalized discounts. Customers read texts soon after receiving them, and they can access them quickly on the go for convenience. If you want to communicate a quick message that gets straight to the point, SMS marketing is the way to go.

3. Widen Your Reach

Did you know that SMS marketing boasts a 98 percent open rate? That kind of reach is impressive and invaluable to a startup or growing business. Emails may get lost, but you’ll know you have a great chance of getting your name and message out there through SMS. Another advantage is that you’ll be reaching people wherever they are.

With the rise of online shopping, cell phones replacing landlines, and a myriad of apps that keep people attuned to their cell phones, sending out texts as part of your marketing strategy will make sure you reach your audience.

Phone SMS

SMS messages can also include a direct hyperlink to your website that customers can access with their smartphones, making it easier to follow up on your offers, read more, and make a purchase. You might also include a link to a coupon that can be scanned directly from their phones for an in-store purchase.

4. Save Money

Sending an SMS marketing message to a large number of people generally does not cost much, especially when you compare it to other marketing channels such as social media and pay-per-click ads.

Even email marketing can be most costly in time and money as it requires much more content, design, and planning than a no-frills text. SMS marketing is especially helpful for new or small businesses who need to keep marketing or staffing costs down—you can still reach past and potential customers with a simple, inexpensive message.

5. Complement Existing Marketing Strategies

For established businesses with a good customer base and solid marketing plan, SMS is still beneficial. It can be used along with your other marketing channels to support your branding and messaging.

You can remind customers about a sale or promotion they read about in an email, and let them know the minute a new product they’ve expressed interested in is back in stock or on sale.

6. Opt-In and Opt-Out

You might be worried about angering customers or breaching their privacy by sending texts. Some customers might appreciate the simple, direct notifications on their phones, while others would prefer to be left alone. The great thing about SMS marketing services is flexibility and customization. Brands can invite customers to opt-in to receiving text messages from them while also providing a simple way to opt out.

That way you are providing contact options for your customers, and you know that you are reaching the people who are on board with receiving texts from you in a manner they prefer.

If you are interested in reaching your audience in a new and effective way, you should consider these benefits of SMS marketing services. Reach your customers wherever they are with simple and direct messaging, and you’ll see engagement—and hopefully sales—improve.