How to Leverage Text Message Marketing

How to Make the Most of Text Message Marketing to Grow Your Business

The many ways to market your business in a digital world have made it easier than ever for companies to connect with consumers. If your business has been utilizing email marketing and social media marketing, great, but if you’re still neglecting text message marketing, you may want to reconsider adding this strategy to your efforts.

Text message marketing targets a tremendous audience with millions of customers and potential customers carrying their smart phones on them nearly 24/7. Not only can you reach out to a large portion of your customers via text, almost all of them are likely to open your text message (the same of which can’t be said for marketing emails).

So how can you leverage the power of text message marketing to boost your sales and brand awareness? Let’s check out some of the best ways to do just that:

Know the Best Time to Send Your Text Messages

One of the best ways to leverage your presence through text messaging is to send texts at the right time. Consider times that a text might be a hassle such as during rush hour or first thing Monday morning. Your text will likely be seen as nothing more than a nuisance if you send during these times. The best times seem to be during normal business hours when people have their phones close though once the work day is done, the overall usage in smartphones tends to drop. If you’re looking to advertise a sale or special, give a week’s notice rather than sending a text the day of the promotion.

Send Promotions and Coupons Directly

For a great way to boost sales, offer coupons directly through text messaging. Since your audience is very likely to at least open your text, you can pretty much guarantee that they will see your offer which will improve the chances of them acting on it. Mobile coupons are so much more convenient for users than those sent in the mail, via email or posted online. Coupons sent via text can’t easily be lost and they travel wherever the consumer goes making it much more likely that they will be used and appreciated.

Partner With a Payment Provider

Text message promotions have a lot of power to tempt consumers into an immediate purchase. Because of this tendency, it’s important that you are prepared as a business to accept payments for products and services immediately once a customer has received your text and decided to buy. By partnering with a payment provider that specifically specializes in mobile payments, you’ll be able to accept bank payments and credit card information directly over tablets or smartphones regardless if your customer is on your mobile app of your website. Simply send a link toward a payment page and make it simple for those who are ready to make an immediate purchase.

Constantly Build Your List

The most successful text messaging campaigns are those that are regularly aimed at growing their subscription list. Send short links to potential subscribers where they can reply with one word whether they’d like to subscribe or stop receiving texts. This makes it much more likely to gain subscribers from those who are very busy and always on the run.
With the help of text message marketing, you can drive sales, improve brand awareness and gain new subscribers with higher success rates than traditional marketing efforts. Contact ROI Solutions and let us help you with your text messaging campaign.

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