Inbound Call Center Solutions

Why do We Call Them Inbound Call Center Solutions?

connect-20333_1280Inbound call center solutions. You will see the phrase over and over again when researching call center options. Why is it such a popular phrase, and what exactly is it your business needs to have solved? Undoubtedly you are in search of a call center because you understand the need for solutions, but taking a closer look at the issues inbound call centers address will help in understanding just how important these solutions are.

Consider some of the inbound call center solutions below and decide what it is your business needs solved.

Cost of tech

Today’s inbound call centers create a cost effective solution to a looming tech investment you would have to shoulder every few years as technology advances. Hiring a call center bypasses that serious investment while allowing you to properly serve your customers. Not only does an inbound call center have the technology needed, but you’ll also find highly efficient systems, hardware and software already in place. Today’s inbound call centers ought to be up-to-date in all the latest technology, including newer customer relation management software (CRM). The modern call center offers highly advanced and intuitive systems. Some are cloud based and allow monthly fees to be paid on services that are specifically tailored to your needs. If you are considering a call center that has not upgraded or replaced technology within the last 3-5 years, perhaps you’ll want to continue your search elsewhere.

Multi-channel communication

Customers today are not as eager to solve issues that arise with a phone call as they were in the past. While some of your customer base will prefer one-on-one communication with an agent via telephone, others will prefer text, chat, or email, or even social media messaging, for example, through twitter or facebook. The key is to have a system in place to allow for seamless communication between multiple channels and a trained staff able to respond quickly and effectively to customers, no matter their preference. Inbound call centers that enable multi-channel, seamless communication will be able to solve the concerns of your customers in their prefered manner, creating a superior attitude of service and of availability.

24-hour service

Inbound call centers provide a solution to servicing global markets. Offering 24-hour service allows for a company to give the same level of service to customers closest to home as those abroad, even though they be far from corporate headquarters. A call center is responsible for hiring agents who speak the language of your customers and training them, while maintaining the standards of performance and excellence to which any agent adheres. Having agents fluent in the language of your foreign markets allows your global presence to flourish.

Interactive Voice Response

Most call centers have become very intuitive and effective thanks primarily to IVR systems. IVR systems allow a customer to interact with an automated system and select from menu prompts, enabling them to be routed to the most appropriate source for their issues. With the use of IVR, agents have also become more effective and efficient, as pertinent customer information is made available to them the moment a customer calls in, or communicates through other channels. Customers are happier and less frustrated as call wait times are lowered and the need for them to restated their issues is diminished. Even fully automated interactions via text, chat or email will look and feel conversational with natural language understanding technology available through IVR systems.

When looking to solve the issues a call center addresses, decide on what is right for your business and keep in mind: the quality of service you receive from a call center may depend on the specific solutions that are offered.

To learn more about the the inbound call center solutions that ROI offers, check out our solutions page.

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