3 Tips to Increase Call Center Sales

3 Tips to Increase Call Center Sales

7382239368_ba418d5b73_zEmploying a call center can be one of the best decisions you make to increase revenue. Call center employees become the face of your brand, giving sales a voice and your customers, personalized care. Aside from the perks of company accessibility towards clients, increased client retention, and increased client satisfaction, call centers can greatly increase sales if operated properly.

Here are just three simple tips to increase your sales:

1. Incentives

An excellent way to boost the quality of service from call center employees is to come up with a system of incentives or rewards. Consider making the incentive a competition with other teams or employees within a team. When rewards are based upon team effort, employees tend to encourage one another and celebrate each other’s accomplishments.

The rewards can be as simple or as grand as you would like, however, the more frequently a reward is given, even a small one, the more prolonged the morale boost. When one employee has a successful and exemplary call, have them share what they found to be helpful with other employees.

 2. Customer feedback

Call centers offer the unique opportunity of receiving feedback from clients with every employee interaction. Whether employees ask directly for feedback or a survey is used to help customers rate company interactions, the responses are invaluable in improving service, systems, and employee training.

When feedback is communicated effectively up the chain of command, services can be adjusted to better meet client needs, systems such as website functionality and call center protocols can be revamped, and employees can receive the training to interact exactly how customers desire, enhancing their overall experience and ultimately increasing company profitability.

 3. Call tracking

Another effective tool utilized to increase sales is call tracking. Sometimes, even when staffing is prepared for an increase in call overflow, call volume can increase at a greater rate, and call wait times rise with it. If customers feel impatient with increased wait times, their call and their business could be dropped when they hang up.

With call tracking, employees are made aware of missed calls via an email including the customer’s contact information when they request a call back, rather than leaving a message. Employees can then call customers back directly and give them the service they need, thus proving to the customer that they are important while retaining their business. Customers tend to be of a more cheerful disposition when they have not had to wait long periods to speak with an agent.

Satisfied customers = increased Sales

Happier customers help employees remain happy and positive. When employees are happier, they offer superior service. When customers are provided with exceptional service, call center sales increase. Employing these three steps will help customers remain satisfied and sales to rise.

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