Serve the Customer or the Shareholder?

Are You Serving the Customer or the Shareholder?

There seems to be a misconception among some corporations that in order to create a thriving business, the company needs to first and foremost serve the shareholders. In reality, the best way to ensure success in your business is to make the happiness of your customers your top priority—everything else will fall into place from there, including the satisfaction of key shareholders.

It Starts with Your Employees

The success of your company begins not with the shareholders, but with your employees. Your employees are the most valuable resource you have, spending every day helping customers. Your employees are the face of your company—when a customer considers their experience with your company, they’ll likely think of the level of customer service they received. They then base their decision of whether or not to continue doing business with your company on how well they perceive they were treated.

Good customer service begins with happy employees, and the best way to keep your employees happy is to encourage them and make sure they feel appreciated. Employees who feel valued take pride in the company they work for, making sure they offer the best customer service possible. By encouraging strong customer service skills in your employees, they’ll represent your company well.

The Customer Is King

The phrase “the customer is king” is commonly used in business, and should be taken to heart when you want to establish a positive relationship with your customers. Rather than thinking about the shareholders and what they want, think of your customers, and make sure you’re offering a product and service that meets their needs. As with your employees, take the time to let your customers know that you value them, you hear their suggestions, and you’re grateful that they choose to do business with your company.

The Benefits Come Full Circle

Making sure your employees feel valued and appreciated will leave them feeling happy and wanting to work harder for your company, which means they’ll offer exceptional customer service. Happy customers will spread the word about their positive experience and encourage friends and family to visit your business, too. An increase in customers leads to an increase in profits, which means more money for shareholders. Win/win all around!

Keeping your focus on customer service leads to benefits for the shareholders in a profound and sustainable way. By making sure everyone is kept happy from the bottom of the ladder to the top, you are laying the foundation of a business that will continue to be successful for years to come. Whenever you feel like you need to choose between pleasing customers or stakeholders, choosing to please your customer is always the best idea.

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