How to Create a Culture of Service

How to Create a Culture of Service in Your Organization

If the quality of your company’s customer service is not where it should be, it’s likely time to instill a customer service culture that will help your organization thrive. Having a culture of service you can be proud of comes down to what is happening on the inside of your organization, and it’s what ultimately drives success.

Here are a few strategies that will impact your company’s culture in a positive way. And whether you choose to incorporate a few new service practices into your system or need to start from the ground up, these approaches will help ensure that excellent customer service is the end result.

Hire and Train for the Culture

While you can definitely hire for and train a wide range skills, you can’t change the personality of your employees (nor should you attempt to). You know what culture you want within your organization, so when hiring a new employee, consider if he or she has a personality that fits into your idea of company culture. An employee with the right attitude AND personality is likely your best candidate and can be trained necessary skills accordingly. You’ll find that when everyone starts on the same page, it becomes easier for you to express your expectations when it comes to the company’s goals and mission.

Create Policies, Incentives, and Systems that Sustain a Culture of Service

Exceptional customer service practices are instilled from within an organization. Your company’s culture of service depends on the policies, incentives, and systems you put in place. If your goal is to support and encourage community involvement, you must implement policies that promote corporate community engagement efforts. The more you develop strategies for your organization based on long-standing values as opposed to opportunistic incentives, the better off you’ll be.

As a Leader, Lead By Example

As a leader, you must be the one to set the tone for your company’s customer service culture. Everyone is watching you and taking note of how you treat those around you as well as how you handle different situations.

Acting the part and being the example rests on your shoulders. You’ll find that when you align your activities with the goals of your organization, everything else will fall into place. Just keep in mind that the culture of service goes from leader to manager to frontline staff to customers. You can shape it in a way that will only benefit your company as a whole, and possibly reduce costs as internal culture and service improve.

Learn More About Providing Quality Customer Service

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