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How to Create Your Dos and Don’ts of Customer Service

Whether you are starting a new business or working to improve an old one, building an excellent customer service system is critical if you are looking to be successful. At ROI Call Center Solutions, we’ve put together a simple list of the dos and don’ts of customer service. We guarantee that incorporating some of the best customer service practices listed will make for happier customers and a renewed sense of happiness when it comes to company culture.

The DO’s of Customer Service

The following practices are effective when it comes to engaging with customers in a positive way:

  1. Show customers respect. Positive relationships must involve respect, whether it’s personal or business, or they won’t last. Offering sincere respect to customers will make them feel valued as equals, prompting return business from them time and time again.
  2. Be honest and take responsibility. Be upfront about fees and policies, and make sure to follow through and keep promises. If you have done something wrong, own up to it and apologize, then work to resolve any issues as quickly and effectively as possible.
  3. Be friendly. A little kindness goes a long way, especially if a customer is upset. Smiling and showing empathy to the situation helps to develop stronger connections with customers and gain their trust in the process.
  4. Visualize the situation from the customer’s perspective. Imagine being on the other side of the service counter and how you would feel. Just give the customer the support and attention you would hope to receive.
  5. Show gratitude at all times. Simply saying thank you makes customers feel appreciated, regardless of the situation.

The DON’Ts of Customer Service

To avoid common pitfalls in customer service, avoid these “don’ts.”

  1. Don’t show indifference. Even if you could care less about the situation at hand, don’t show it. Customers will immediately feel your indifference and feel unwelcomed and unwanted.
  2. Don’t let complaints take control. Running a business means you will need to take customer complaints in stride without taking them too personally. You aren’t going to please everyone no matter what you do.
  3. Don’t ignore customer feedback. Valid complaints can be turned into positive feedback. Use that feedback as a way to improve where things are lacking.
  4. Don’t forget that customers are individuals. After a while, customers can become numbers, percentages, and statistics, but if you treat them as such they won’t come back. Show interest in the individual as opposed to treating them like a one-time transaction.
  5. Don’t complicate things. Customers want to know they can get help when they need it. Make reaching customer service easy by using all social media channels and tools.

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