How to Embrace Your Customer Service Imperfections

How to Embrace Your Customer Service Imperfections

Given that customer service is completely based on human interaction and the human experience, and that every human is inherently imperfect, the customer service your company offers will likely be imperfect, too. No matter how hard you try, you will never have 100% satisfaction from your customers—not even the top rated companies in the world are able to achieve that.

Since complete customer satisfaction is unattainable, it is important to not hold your employees to this standard. Rather than shooting for 100% perfection, you need to start embracing your customer service imperfections. Only then will you really achieve success.

Let It Go

Help your employees understand that they are going to deal with customers who will be unhappy no matter what you do for them. There are people in the world who find fault with everything, and even when you give them a solution for their problem, many continue to be angry and blame your company for their frustration. Encourage your employees to not dwell on their interactions with customers like this, and to do their best to let it go.Customer service reps graphic

Learn from Mistakes

Rather than focusing on the customer service weaknesses within your company, you need to focus on the strengths. There is no one set method on how to improve customer service, so instead of looking for a blanket solution to a customer service problem, you need to encourage your employees to work hard and do their best. Look at customer service trends to see if there is a specific area that can be improved upon, like perhaps offering more resources to help the customer or reducing hold times.

Refocus Energy

It’s important that your customer service representatives don’t allow the bad customer experiences to affect the rest of their day. Encourage your employees to refocus their energy after a bad call—turn the frustration or discouragement they may be feeling into something positive. Whether this means being extra nice to the next customer they deal with, or even getting up from their desk and taking a walk to help them move on from the bad experience. Learning to redirect the negative feelings they have will help them to make something positive rather than dwelling on the negative.

Never Give Up

No matter how much you may wish every customer would walk away talking about what a great experience they had with your company, there will be times this doesn’t happen. Let go of unrealistic expectations of perfection and keep moving forward. Encourage your employees—make sure the environment within your office is uplifting and positive. Keep reminding them, and yourself, to never give up.

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