Make Customer Service a Human Interaction

How To Make Customer Service A Human Interaction

In today’s digitally-centered world, consumers long for human interaction when it comes to customer services like resolving issues, offering feedback, and getting assistance with a product or service. Unfortunately, however, many companies fail to provide the authentic customer service that is so valuable to a business’ success. By learning how to
improve customer service and engage with consumers in a more intimate manner, your company can build a loyal customer base, improve brand recognition, and grow your bottom line.

Below are 5 ways your company can make customer service a human interaction.

1. Respond Quickly, Even if You Don’t Have an Immediate Solutionuser-1275780_1280

When customers inquire about a problem they are having with your company’s product or service, make an effort to provide them with a personalized response as fast as possible, even if you don’t have an immediate solution. Automated responses make customers feel like they are just another number on a long list and give them doubt that their problem will ever get resolved. By spending a quick 20 seconds acknowledging your customer’s inquiry and promising to find a solution, you can boost customer confidence and give yourself time to find a way to resolve the problem.

2. Communicate Like a Human

All too often customer service representatives get caught up in the monotony of company jargon, thus giving customers a less personal experience. Instead, ask customers how they are doing, refer to them by their first names, or talk about something outside of the issue at hand, like what the weather is like in their city or what their plans are for the weekend. Connecting with your customers in a friendly tone will make them feel comfortable talking about other concerns and trusting you in the future.

3. Provide Multiple Explanations

Not all customers will understand the same, generic response, so make sure your customer service representatives are able to explain solutions in multiple ways. You can also use technology to assist with various explanations. Lists, .gifs, document references, and live or video chat are great resources that give you the ability to show your customers a solution along with offering them an explanation.

4. Don’t Overpromise

There’s a fine line between telling customers you’ll find a solution to their issue and over-promising certain results. Along with talking to customers like a real human being, be honest about what you can do for your customers. Apologize for any inconvenience your company’s product or service has caused the customers, admit your faults, and tell them you’ll do all you can to reach a resolution. Transparency gives customers a personalized experience and builds trust in your brand.

5. Be Proactive

In order to make customer service more human, you have to think like a customer. If your company offers a particular service, anticipate common questions that might arise and think about further questions that might accompany the initial inquiry. After answering the first question, include information that might further benefit the customer and answer additional questions that might arise.

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