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Improve Your Over-the-Phone Customer Service Efforts With These 4 Tips

Good customer service is essential to a successful business. Your customers will rarely have much interaction with you as a manager, owner or partner in a company but they may have dozens of encounters with your customer service team, so it’s important to make each one of these experiences a good one.

A large portion of customer inquiries and complaints happen over the phone in outbound call center services with customer service agents taking the call, so having customer service agents who are professional and courteous is obviously essential. Here are 4 simple steps you can take as a manager or supervisor to ensure that the experience your customers are receiving on calls to the company are what they ought to be:

Hire Smart

A seemingly obvious but hugely important step in providing excellent customer service comes early: hiring the right team to begin with. Look for customer service candidates who are self-disciplined, dependable, punctual, methodical, well organized and motivated by achievement and assisting others. These personality traits will likely indicate a hire that is willing to go the extra mile and do what’s necessary to solve a customer’s problems and in making sure their needs are met.

Implement Ongoing Training

Once you’ve hired the right team, you’ll need to provide ongoing training to continue to encourage and teach the best customer service skills. Train each of your agents to work toward exceeding your customer’s expectations. Motivate your team to seek to delight the customer by impressing them with their willingness to be of assistance. Customers who have experienced delight at being treated even better than they expected are those who are going to spread the good news about your business.

Think Ahead to Provide Support Before It’s Asked For

The very best companies don’t only offer high-quality support and service, they offer support preemptively. Consider ahead of time what your customers might need to fully enjoy a product or service for years to come and offer the support as part of the package upfront.

Don’t Neglect the Personal Touch

Wherever possible, add a personalized touch to each interaction. This may mean keeping call logs and chat transcripts of past calls so the customer agent has some background information on each customer as they call in making it much easier to provide the very best customer service experience on a case-by-case basis. Your customers will surely take notice and appreciate the effort.

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