Make Outsourcing Customer Service A Success

Is Outsourced Customer Service an Extension of Your Brand?

As the owner of a small business, you understand the importance of establishing a good relationship with customers. By providing clients with helpful and beneficial services, your business can better retain clients, improve the customer experience, and boost your bottom line.

However, as a small business owner you also understand that staffing and funding a customer service department isn’t always feasible. That’s where outsourced customer service companies come into play. With knowledgeable, trained managers and staff as well as the proper tools and resources, customer service companies are able to provide your clients with the care and assistance they need to remain lifelong customers.

Outsourcing Customer Service: Good or Bad for Business

As a relatively new resource available to small and growing businesses, the effectiveness of outsourcing to customer service companies is still up for debate. While some business professionals think that using outsourced companies is like committing business suicide, studies have shown, and experts have agreed, that outsourcing customer services can be one of the most beneficial strategies a small business can make. By following these four tips, you can achieve the best possible results and utilize outsourced customer service as an extension for your brand.

Aid In Quality Control

Customers are your most valuable asset, which is why it is crucial to ensure their wants and needs are being met. And, because outsourcing to a vendor relinquishes you from immediate control of customer service issues, it’s important to implement quality control measures that will help retain lifelong customers. Develop specific and general guidelines and expectations to share with the outsourced vendor. Not only will this help ensure your clients are receiving quality care, but it also helps the outsourcing professionals better understand and reflect company values in a manner that ultimately acts as an extension of your brand.

Do Your Homework

Don’t be afraid to audition different outsourcing companies until you find the right one. One of the biggest pitfalls of outsourcing customer service is when companies choose vendors that don’t have adequate language expertise and skills. This is an even bigger issue when outsourcing to providers in a foreign country. However, by hiring providers that can speak the relevant language in a skilled and fluent way, you’ll be able to rely on the vendor for quality customer service. When searching for your ideal outsourcing company, look for providers that are specialized in customer service with sufficient language skills. Conduct an oral interview and evaluate the relevant language skills – be sure you are speaking with the same people that will be helping your customers in the future. 

Prioritize Your Fundamentals

Keep in mind that customer service frequently involves dealing with sensitive information. This means that you should prioritize confidentiality and make sure that your outsourcing provider is capable of professionally dealing with difficult, personal information. Again, consider putting measures into place to help minimize the risk of infringing on customer privacy and confidentiality.  Along with implementing appropriate guidelines, ensure your provider adopts sound, secure procedures when providing service to your customers.

Ensure Undivided Service

Many customer service outsourcing vendors provide services to multiple companies, which can often result in reduced focus on your valued customers. To ensure they deliver undivided customer service to your clients, adopt appropriate measures like auditioning companies that have a substantial amount of customer service representatives and managers. After hiring your outsourcing company, ensure they are maintaining quality service by frequently disguising yourself as a customer; this will help you assess the overall quality of service that is being provided to your clients.

By taking advantage of these four tips, not only can you ensure that outsourcing customer service is a success, but you can also utilize outsourced providers as a positive reflection and extension of your brand. To learn more about how to choose the right customer service provider for your company, visit ROI Call Center Solutions.

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