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Proactive engagement crucial to pleasing customers

experience conceptual meter indicate maximum, isolated on white backgroundThe new watchword for business owners: Proactive.

Today’s consumers want an opportunity to engage in real-time communication through a multi-channel interface.

In short, they want convenience; it is today’s standard by which a consumer judges a particular business.

Don’t wait for a recalcitrant customer to dig in those heels once patience is already at the breaking point. Adopt a proactive approach with these three compelling strategies to boost customer satisfaction:

  1. A timely response. An increase in call abandonment should sound an alarm. When a boiler pressure gauge is about to blow a gasket, there’s no time to waste. Address the problem immediately. Don’t let it turn into a soured relationship. Contrary to popular opinion, most consumers will show forbearance when it’s a simple mistake. But even a small oversight can turn into a big problem when it’s not addressed in rapid fashion. That’s the crucial window of opportunity to save a client relationship.
  2. An array of choices in communication channels. Avoid frustrating customers. Offer multiple portals. Some consumers prefer chat; others prefer email, and there will be some who will post their frustration on Facebook. Don’t let it get to that point. Your clients will appreciate having a choice of which customer service portal is the most convenient.
  3. A commitment to dismantling internal silos. Every staff member should have a willingness to own the problem until the issue has been completely resolved. That’s the lynchpin of customer service. It takes a team approach to keep clients happy and satisfied.

Han Butler

As Chief Revenue Officer, Han specializes in developing clear, unique and compelling value propositions which disruptively differentiate products and brands in cluttered markets. Han has a passion for working with people on creating value and opportunity, both in companies and communities. Nothing is more rewarding than working with a group of fun and talented individuals to create something greater than we could accomplish individually.

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