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The Importance of “After-Hours” Customer Service

Whether they’re experiencing a medical emergency, or having technical issues with their computer, these days, most consumers expect to find help as soon as they need it. What happens when a pipe breaks at your house and you discover your basement has flooded in the wee hours of the morning? Or you’re awakened in the middle of the night by a searing toothache?

Regardless of the type of product or service you offer, here are 4 reasons it’s wise to outsource your needs to an after-hours call center to make sure your customers are taken care of no matter what time it is.

1. Never Miss Another Call

While the inability to reach a customer service representative is frustrating for customers, it should be even more frustrating for you. Dropped calls mean dropped opportunities to make a sale or maintain a client, which means dropped calls are actually costing you money. With a 24/7 answering service, you can rest assured you won’t miss out on another of these opportunities.

2. Save Money and Customers

In addition to helping maintain customers and make sales, an around-the-clock call center allows you the opportunity to save money. Rather than paying the high cost of utilities to keep your office open 24 hours a day and investing money in training and equipment to build a call center staff, outsourcing your call center needs can save you thousands of dollars by turning to professionals who already have the necessary skills and resources.

3. More Consistent Call Handling

Depending how busy your office is, there may be times even during work hours that your employees are unable to consistently answer phone calls. With the help of a call center, your employees can focus on the task at hand without worry about missing a call, which means you can rest assured you’re not losing business as a result. Call center staff is already well-versed in taking calls, and with a little training, can learn everything they need to know to be knowledgeable and helpful with your customers.


4. An Emergency Call Line is a Must

If your business offers a service that may be needed during off-hours, you really need to offer an emergency call line. The best way to earn a customer for life is to be there for them when they need you most, and an emergency call line allows you to do that. And since not every customer or patient likes to speak on the phone, consider implementing a live chat option to answer questions, set up appointments, and diagnose problems quickly and efficiently from your website.

Establish After-hours Customer Service Now

An after-hours customer service line offers you a way to let your customers know you’re there for them any time of day. Showing that you care can easily be what earns you a lifelong customer.   

Contact ROI Solutions to learn more about after-hours solutions today.

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