These 5 Customer Service Mistakes Can Cost You Business

Top 5 Mistakes Made by Customer Service Representatives

Customer service representatives are on the front lines of your business, in direct contact with your customers every day. Here are 5 mistakes customer service reps tend to make that will, unfortunately, drive away your customers.

1. Not Listening to Customers
Everyone wants to feel valued, and listening to your customers’ needs will do just that. There is nothing that will drive customers away faster than ignoring their concerns and frustrations.

2. Using the Wrong Words
Customer service reps need to be friendly, polite, and helpful, which makes the words and tone they use with customers crucial. Reps that are unprofessional or use bad language choices are more likely to leave your customers frustrated and unhappy with your business.

3. Refusing to Lose a Fight
While sticking to policy is important, it’s also important to keep to the old adage that “the customer is always right.” Without some wiggle room to consider customers on a case by case basis, you’re going to end up with angry customers.

4. Not Keeping Promises
If you promise your customers something, you’d better plan on delivering. Customer service reps who make empty promises set your company up to look untrustworthy and unprofessional.

5. Being Difficult to Reach
Customers these days expect help when they need it, and reaching out to your customer service department only to be given the runaround, wait on hold forever, or find no one there is frustrating and amateurish. If they can’t count on you for help when they need it, customers will take their business elsewhere.

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