What Is Help Desk Support and Why Use It For Your Company?

What Is Help Desk Support and Why Use It For Your Company?

For many people, help desk support and I.T. are synonymous. For non-technical employees, the help desk will often be the only part of the I.T. team that they interact with. So what is help desk support, and how does it differ from I.T. as a whole?

Help desk support is the assistance that an employee receives to fix a technology issue, answer questions, and otherwise help facilitate the seamless use of information technology. When it is functioning properly, a help desk system acts as a single point of contact for anyone with a technology issue or question. Help desk services can add value to companies and employees in a number of ways.


One of the biggest advantages of having a help desk system is lifting the burden off the employee with the problem. You want your employees working in their respective areas of expertise (marketing, operations, finance, sales, etc.) not worrying about the security of their internet connection or the smooth operation of their computer.

When a problem arises, your employees should not have to worry about figuring out who to contact for help. Help desk services simplify the process of receiving assistance by creating a single point of contact. When an issue arises or a question needs answering, your employees know exactly where to go. The simplicity of this system creates less headache for employees and managers alike.

Cost Savings

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Purchasing and maintaining technology can be expensive, especially in an age when everything is digital and most workers require technology in order to get their job done. Maintenance and prevention can be costly and it often goes unnoticed. However, maintenance and prevention are much cheaper than a major technology failure, data breach, or connection outage.

Fixing problems is almost always more expensive than preventing them. By making problems easier to solve when they are in the beginning stages, a help desk system is effective at reducing the overall cost of technology upkeep. While creating a help desk system or outsourcing help desk services might seem like a large expense at first, almost everyone who goes through such a process has greater cost savings in the end.


Help desk support is often outsourced in order to create a higher level of efficiency within a company. By letting dedicated I.T. specialists focus on technology issues, your employees can spend less time worrying about technical problems.

Unless I.T. is a core part of what your business does, dealing with it distracts you from the most important things. By utilizing help desk support, you allow your business to be more efficient. Your employees will have less downtime and will be able to communicate and work faster.

Reporting and Improvement

If you are not currently utilizing help desk support, it’s likely that you aren’t even sure how much resolving small-scale technology issues costs you, both in terms of time and money. When you measure these costs, you are able to improve and bring them down. Most businesses find that when they measure the cost of supporting technology infrastructure, it comes out to be more than they previously thought. A help desk is an effective starting point from which you can improve your efficiency and bring down your I.T. support cost.

Help desk systems like those created by ROI solutions are vital to many businesses’ success. If you are currently managing your troubleshooting and Q&A on an ad hoc basis, consider outsourcing your help desk services for maximum simplicity, cost savings, efficiency, reporting, and improvement.

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