How Empathy Might Solve Contact Center Problems

Why Empathy Can Help Resolve Contact Center Problems

We’ve all been on the customer side of a contact center service call gone wrong. When it happens, we hang up the phone feeling frustrated and are left never wanting to deal with that particular company again.

If your company’s contact center is having problems with low customer satisfaction and customer retention rates, a lack of empathy from your reps might be to blame. Learn why having empathy is important and how to train your employees to be more sincere when taking care of your customers.

Understanding Empathy

It’s easy to misunderstand the meaning of empathy. Many times it’s mistaken for sympathy (feelings of sorrow) rather than empathy’s true definition: the ability to acknowledge and understand another person’s feelings and needs.

Without empathy, rapport and trust fail to develop. When your customer loses trust in your company, they’ll quickly find another that will more fully empathize with their needs and feelings.

When it comes to contact center calls, empathy can come in the form of understanding your customer’s frustrations, realizing how inconvenient and confusing it can be to make a service call, and reassuring them that you’re glad they called so that you can take care of their concern.

Teaching Empathy

2015’s Customer Service Hall of Fame winners Amazon, Marriott, and Kroger are well known for their company-wide philosophy of giving stellar customer service. Here’s what you can do to follow their example of giving customers the priority:

  • Teach Your Employees That You Care

Happy employees create happy customer experiences. When you empathize with your customer service reps and the situations they deal with daily, they’ll feel understood and less stressed in their work. Be sure to frequently offer support and assistance.

  • Teach Your Employees the Art of Pleasantries

By trading simple pleasantries with customers when they call, your staff will be able to build rapport and trust before trying to solve problems. Empathy will start to come naturally once a basic relationship has formed.

  • Teach Your Employees to Listen

The most important thing a customer service rep can do to empathize with a caller is to listen carefully. Since interactions take place over the phone, it’s impossible to read facial expressions and other communication cues, and so it can be tricky to understand exactly what the customer is trying to say. Be sure your reps are asking questions in order to fully understand what the customer needs.

Remember, it can take decades to build a successful brand, but it only takes a few bad customer service experiences to tear it all down. Especially now with the proliferation of online review sites, it’s even more imperative to give customers the good experiences they deserve.

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