The Difference Between Help Desk and Tech Support

Is There a Difference Between a Help Desk and Tech Support?

It’s a common question—what, if anything, is the difference between a help desk and technical support? In a world where everyone appreciates having their problems solved in a timely manner, it’s important to know who to contact when you need technical help at your job. Here are the main components that set these two positions apart, so you can determine once and for all when the services of a tech support specialist are required, and when a help desk is more appropriate.

What is the Help Desk?

The help desk is well equipped to handle the most basic questions and offer solutions to relatively simple problems, like resetting passwords, application support, help with software, and server backup. Most problems that require help desk services can be corrected over the phone, or via a remote connection to your computer.

What is Tech Support?

Problems that cannot be handled by the help desk are typically passed up the chain of command to the tech support call center. While working the help desk requires little to no knowledge of technology, tech support requires extensive knowledge. Truly the backbone of the office support team, tech support tends to have more variety in their job, handling different issues every day, depending on the needs demonstrated within the office.

Why It’s Important to Have Both

Having both a help desk and tech support available in your business is a simple way to keep things running efficiently. If tech support was responsible for answering every call for help and dealing with basic questions in addition to their more specialized work, they wouldn’t have the time needed to manage their tech support duties. Where tech support is able to be more of a pro-active solution for many problems, updating software, and preventing problems from occurring, the help desk is often more reactive, offering solutions to problems that have already occurred.

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The actual scope of each position may vary from one workplace to another, but the general idea behind each remains the same. The help desk offers help in resolving basic problems, while tech support tends to require more in-depth training and knowledge. Now that you understand the difference between the two, it’s time to implement your own help desk and tech support.

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