4 Call Center Trends – What to Expect in 2022

A call center is a team of on-site or remote employees who take inbound and outbound calls. One of the main purposes of call centers is to offer customer support, so making sure that the customer has the best experience possible is key. After the pandemic of 2020, remote working and location-based services have increased, and they will only continue to increase. For 2022, the call center industry trends are focused on creating efficiency, momentum, and improving customer experience as a whole. 

1. Boost agent performance

At the beginning of the pandemic, all sense of stability seemed to disappear in an instant. With the circumstances we have all been living in, communication has become more important than ever before. This extends to call centers. A big trend that we are expecting to see in 2022 is call centers truly prioritizing agent performance. Whether a company decides to do extra training with their teams, or specialized coaching occurs, the bottom line is that agent performance is going to be more important than ever. To be competitive in the call center industry, having excellent agent performance is going to be necessary. 

2. Intent-Based Call Routing 

Customers expect to have a positive experience with call centers now more than ever before. Unfortunately for many call centers, a customer’s experience is affected negatively before a caller even has the chance to directly speak with an agent. According to this study, 79% of people are rerouted at least once when they call a company’s customer service department. This also sets a customer up to have to repeat their concern multiple times in one call, and that can negatively impact their experience as well. We are expecting to see more call centers using intelligent call routing in 2022. 

3. Remote Contact Centers Will Increase

After getting a taste of what remote work was like during the thick of the pandemic, most people report that they would enjoy some kind of remote work. We suspect that your call center is less likely to experience high turnover rates and hiring issues if you offer a flexible environment for agents. Although it takes some extra planning, preparation, and the right tools, having remote work options is going to benefit your call center immensely. Having a remote work option will create a culture where agents are more likely to enjoy their work and stay with your company for longer. 

4. Cloud Communication

Cloud communication is essential for remote call center environments. It allows your employees not only to work from home, but any location, and they can access customer data that is required for them to execute their tasks with ease. Cloud communication can also help with data security, and it will likely save your call center money by avoiding onsite call center costs.

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