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ROI CX Solutions has extensive experience as an outsourced help desk provider for customer support and services. Our customized contact center solutions, along with unparalleled training and advanced technology ensure that our agents will optimize first call resolutions. Not only that, but we’ll provide your end users with unmatched customer service you can be proud to offer.

ROI CX Solutions is trusted by leading Fortune 500 companies and small start-up businesses alike. For help desk staff support, we want to be your first and only outsourcing solution.

A Help Desk Provider You Can Depend On

As a help desk provider, we offer 24/7 phone support to your customers. When they experience technical problems with your product or have any questions, they can contact our representatives to get help and answers. Our customer service help desk representatives are IT professionals in both customer service and in your product and business values. Outsourced help desk services offer a customer service solution for your business that will support your customers and keep operating costs affordable for you.

Business owners can expect their outsourced help desk services to help them retain customers by treating them well and providing remote help desk support for technical and other issues. Help desk services serve both customers and business owners by doing the following:

  • Tracking and regularly reporting customer calls, requests, comments, and incidents
  • Offering a variety of methods for customer contact, increasing the business’s availability and accessibility to all customers
  • Offering your customers a personalized, human experience that addresses their needs as soon as possible
  • Resolving product technical issues and helping prevent them from happening again
  • Supporting customers online and over the phone at any time or location
  • Assigning and resolving IT help desk tickets
  • Training help desk call center staff on the products and any changes or updates to the products

The top priority of any growing business should be great customer service. After all, acquiring a new customer is up to 25 times more expensive than retaining one, and increasing customer retention rates can increase profits by up to 95%. Great customer service experiences will keep your customers coming back. However, small and mid-size businesses don’t always have the resources to offer their customers around-the-clock support. Even staffing customer service during business hours might be difficult.

How Can an Outsourced Help Desk Provider Benefit My Business?

Hiring your own help desk team for customer support can be costly, including full-time salary, benefits, and even office supplies. Providing support after hours increases costs as well. If you don’t hire your own dedicated help desk team, other employees will have to take time away from their designated jobs to respond to help requests from customers. This may result in lost time and productivity.

That’s where ROI CX Solutions’ help desk services come in. Outsource your technical support to our experienced, US-based help desk call center employees to keep your customers satisfied. Curious about how outsourced help desk services can benefit your business? We has answers to your questions:

Lower Costs

You won’t need to hire a local team to help with customer service questions. We’ll take care of all equipment purchases and maintenance. We’ll also recruit, hire, and track the performance of call center employees, saving you time and resources.


Greater Flexibility

When you let ROI CX Solutions handle your help desk outsourcing, you can be spread across different time zones. So when a client calls from Seattle with a problem at the end of the day, they aren’t trying to get in touch with someone in Chicago after hours.

Highly-Trained Agents

Because outsourcing help desk services is our focus, we hire only the best, saving you the trouble of vetting them all yourself. With us, you’ll be assured of qualified IT professionals who can solve user problems with thorough knowledge of your product.

Unmatched Brand Image and Loyalty

Outsourcing help desk operations doesn’t mean you’re compromising on quality. Our professional agents go above and beyond KPI’s providing superior reinforcement of your company’s brand and reputation.

Improved First Call Resolution Rates

As an outsourced help desk provider, we have the resources to solve many problems remotely, resulting in faster resolution and happier customers. This also frees up your IT staff to deal with bigger issues.

Problem-Solving Leverage

We provide the latest tools and problem-solving leverage your front line deserves. Rather than reading a script, they’ll listen, evaluate, and make use of the proper tools to solve problems on an individual basis.

FAQs About Help Desk Outsourcing

Is a help desk a customer service?

A help desk is a centralized group within a company or an outsourced service that customers or employees call to get help with a problem. Companies often utilize help desks to assist employees needing technical support. However, modern businesses have leveraged this function to elevate their customer support strategies.

A reliable help desk is the cornerstone of a great customer service experience for internal and external end users. With a help desk, companies can provide quick resolutions for customers with questions or concerns about their products and services. This reliability drives customer satisfaction and loyalty in the long run.

Why outsource your help desk?

Establishing your help desk can be a costly and time-consuming endeavor. If you decide against creating a specialized help desk team, your current employees will bear additional responsibility, taking time and energy away from their core functions. Outsourcing help desk services allows organizations with limited resources to access enterprise-level support and technologies on a budget.

Outsourcing ensures the delivery of consistent and high-quality support to every end user. It offers flexibility to scale resources as your business grows. With strong metrics and analytics reporting from third-party companies, your business can gain valuable insight and make better operational decisions. Lastly, it allows employees and managers to focus on core business processes, such as innovation.

What is the job of a help desk?

While help desks can perform several functions depending on the nature of your business, its core principle lies in helping your customers get the support they need. Help desks can assist you and your customers by performing these core functions:

Real-time assistance: Help desks provide real-time assistance to customers that reach out via email, phone, and other platforms to report their inquiries and concerns.

Ticket management: Ticketing software is utilized by help desk teams to manage tickets from creation to routing, ensuring that the right service department will receive and resolve them promptly.

Resolution & Escalation: Help desk teams provide a single contact point for easy concern resolution. If the customer’s issue cannot be resolved immediately, help desk professionals will escalate it to the appropriate department.

Optimization: Through robust analysis and reporting, help desks provide insights on improving customer experience and business processes.

Enhance help desk efficiency with ROI CX Solutions 

For years, ROI CX Solutions has been an industry leader in help desk and customer services. We know the importance customer satisfaction and retention have to any successful organization. Contact us today and discover why many leading brands trust us with their outsourced help desk services.


Our clients represent some of the most recognized customer service brands in the world – thanks to their partnership with ROI CX Solutions. We drive customer service with a brand-focused, industry-leading strategy that delivers happier customers, better retention, and better business results every time.

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