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Customer support that meets complex healthcare needs

When it comes to healthcare organizations, not just any call center will do. Healthcare teams need call center providers who understand your unique needs, are familiar with the healthcare industry, and offer high-touch, exceptional support for complex client concerns.

At ROI CX Solutions, that’s exactly what we provide.

Our comprehensive suite of services, powered by tech and perfect by our human experts, is designed to streamline your operations and enhance patient satisfaction. Whether you want to provide better customer service, make administrative processes seamless, reduce internal staff load, maximize cost-efficiency, reduce payment and billing timelines or something else, our call center BPO and customer service solutions can help you achieve your goals.

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Our Healthcare Call Center Services

At ROI CX Solutions, we offer a wide variety of healthcare call center and customer support services, including:

  • Answering services
  • Customer support
  • Claims and Insurance Support
  • Provider services
  • Appointment scheduling and follow-up support
  • Billing and payments processes support
  • Integrations with EMR systems
    and more

Our comprehensive and customizable healthcare BPO services mean that we can help support your healthcare organization in whatever way you need.


Our clients represent some of the most recognized customer service brands in the world – thanks to their partnership with ROI CX Solutions. We drive customer service with a brand-focused, industry-leading strategy that delivers happier customers, better retention, and better business results every time.

Benefits of Healthcare Customer Service Outsourcing

Healthcare customer service outsourcing comes with a host of benefits. One of the most obvious benefits is that you get to free up internal administrative burdens while also providing exceptional service. But there’s plenty of other benefits to consider as well.

Reduced administrative burden

Current burnout levels among both clinical and non-clinical staff is on the rise. Outsourcing removes administrative burden from your internal team, reducing burnout and improving employee turnover levels.

Increased cost-effectiveness

Outsourcing administrative and customer service related work is much more cost-effective than hiring in-house. In addition, it lets you more easily offer round-the-clock service, so your patients can get help or questions answered anytime of day or night.

Ample scalability

As healthcare demand grows in both rural and urban areas, many healthcare organizations have struggled to scale with demand. Outsourcing some of your non-clinical operations and processes allows your internal team to focus on essential patient care, while ensuring that patients are cared for every step of the way.

Higher-quality service levels

It’s no secret that outsourced customer service improves service levels among healthcare organizations. With one healthcare partner we worked with, we were able to improve Speed of Answer by 99% and improve Ease of Contact rate by 14%. Outsourcing your customer service allows you to offer higher-quality, more consistent service levels and reap the rewards. 

Improved patient outcomes

Better service levels means improved patient outcomes—it’s what we’ve seen in our experience and is reflected in general research. With clearer and more consistent patient communication, fewer follow-up appointments are missed, patients have stronger trust in their providers and outcomes see overall improvement. 

Why ROI CX Solutions

At ROI CX Solutions, we know the unique challenges that come with healthcare communication. From managing insurance claims to scheduling follow-up appointments to coordinating care and prescriptions, our industry-leading solutions are here to make healthcare communication a breeze—for you and your patients.

When you work with our team, you don’t just get call center solutions, you get an entire team of trained professionals with expertise and experience in healthcare-specific customer service, ready and able to provide accurate, compassionate and efficient support to your patients, providers and members.

In addition, we know that in healthcare, one size never fits all. That’s why at ROI CX Solutions, we bring customized, flexible and personalized services that meet your unique needs, and those of your patients. We specialize in white-glove, high-touch customer service and BPO solutions, so your customers can experience the best-of-the-best of customer care.

Our team of experts is trained to listen, understand and tailor our support to meet each individual where they are, providing consistent, compassionate and efficient care. In doing so, we not only serve you and your stakeholders, but also strengthen your brand and build lasting, trust-based relationships for better patient care and outcomes.

See why healthcare organizations around the country trust ROI CX Solutions for their patient care

Increasing revenue and improving patient outcomes

One of the best ways to vet a potential call center partner is to see how they’ve performed with other healthcare organizations. At ROI CX Solutions, our call center services have helped healthcare organizations large and small grow and improve patient outcomes.

$1 million+ in new monthly revenue and 75% reduction in no-show rate

Centralized and streamlined customer support and operational processes improved dozens of metrics for this healthcare organization.

Healthcare Call Center FAQs

Healthcare BPO refers to anytime a hospital, clinic or other healthcare organization hires an outside company to handle some aspect of business operations. These operations can include things like billing, coding, staffing, data processing, customer service and more.

Business process outsourcing in healthcare has many benefits. For example, healthcare outsourcing helps to reduce costs and increase efficiency within the organization, while also reducing administrative work internally. BPO can also allow healthcare organizations to grow more sustainably and combat internal burnout. 

A healthcare call center is a third-party company that handles patient calls, emails, texts and more on behalf of a medical clinic, hospital, pharmacy or other healthcare organization. These call centers can manage inbound or outbound communication, or both, and help to streamline customer service, billing and other tasks.
A good healthcare call center provider should have ample experience working with other healthcare organizations that are similar to you. Healthcare customer service and support has a high level of complexity, and support agents should be training in healthcare processes, policies, billing codes, and so on. In addition, all healthcare call centers should follow HIPAA regulations and have strong cybersecurity measures in place for the utmost patient privacy.

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