ROI CX Solutions Reviews

When we started on the path to identify a customer service provider we were looking for the right partner who could help drive performance for our company. ROI CX Solutions ended up being our final selection. We chose ROI CX Solutions because of their track record of success and broad experience in my industry. We have seen great results and have never regretted our decision. Our KPI’s and results are great!

They helped us improve our service to both our residents and prospective residents. Their agents professionally handle our resident maintenance hotline 24/7 and prospective resident leasing. Our maintenance technicians get accurate service orders, which means repairs are completed more efficiently and they do a fantastic job qualifying and scheduling prospective residents.

ROI CX Solutions has won over our team, and more importantly, our customers! Our customer satisfaction scores are higher than they’ve ever been, and our customers are sending positive feedback all the time. It has made all of the difference for them

I would absolutely recommend ROI CX Solutions! They took our program and beat out several different centers in results. In fact, they’ve grown our program substantially with their recommendations!