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Customer Service Support / Care

Tech supportBusinesses today are looking for ways to cut operational expenses without sacrificing the integrity of their call customer service. Thankfully, ROI Solutions is a customer service call center engineered and streamlined to provide you with the good customer service you need to be successful. Our services are affordable, so you can grow your business without growing your overhead.

What are the Benefits of Partnering with ROI Solutions?

An outsourcing solution frees businesses from the time and expenses required to run effective customer support. Outsourcing support services is a proven method that eliminates the overhead cost of hiring and managing additional employees to run your customer service operations.

ROI Solutions allows you to focus your time and efforts on building your customer base, so your business can rapidly expand. When selecting a customer service outsourcing solution, consider ROI Solutions–our customer support and service programs are some of the best in the industry, and we’re dedicated to helping you cut costs without compromising on customer service.

Quality Support Service

When it comes to customer service management, you want complete transparency. It’s crucial that customers feel as though they’re calling your company or that they’re speaking directly to your employees. They want to communicate with people who know your products, services, culture, and brand.

At ROI Solutions, our team members are trained to effectively address technical concerns and provide a support solution for your specific products. They are equipped with the knowledge required to assist your customers in quickly finding a solution to their problems and answers to their questions. Because we understand how important it is to your business, our programs allow you to analyze our performance to help make sure that your support programs have the flexibility to respond to unforeseen trends and call volume surges.

When your clients connect with our customer service call center, they will be greeted by a caring, well-trained customer care expert.

Outsourcing Support Programs

In addition to saving money on hiring and managing employees, customer service outsourcing has many advantages. When searching for the perfect solution for your company, it’s important to find a solution that offers a wide range of programs to meet all your business needs. Here at ROI Solutions, our customer service programs include:

  • Inbound Call Center Services
  • Outbound Telemarketing
  • Customer Care / Customer Support
  • Technical Support Services
  • Overflow/After Hours Customer Support
  • E-commerce Order Taking
  • Third Party Verification
  • Direct Response Order-Taking
  • Catalog Sales
  • Seminar Reservations and Appointment Setting
  • Answering Services
  • Application Processing
  • Customer Surveys
  • Order Taking
  • Dedicated Agents
  • Product Information Requests
  • Subscription Renewals
  • Direct Mail
  • Virtual Receptionist Services
  • Voice Mail
  • Web-Chat / Email Response
  • Toll-Free Numbers and Greetings
  • Customized Customer Service Solutions

Our customer service management programs include real-time online data access to our client’s databases via the Internet or direct connect.

24/7 Customer Support

Perhaps the best advantage of using ROI Solutions for all your customer service management is that we are available 24/7 to serve your customers. Hiring an in-house receptionist or customer service rep is expensive, and it gets even more costly when you need to be available to your clients around-the-clock, all year long. Stop worrying and partner with ROI Solutions for all your customer service.

Contact us today to discuss how our combination of experience, talent, and technologies can meet your customer support service needs.

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