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Side view of female customer service representatives with colleague working in call centerIn today’s business environment, overseas technical support is a popular option for any business looking to reduce costs. Advances in technology have allowed instant, inexpensive communication anywhere on the planet. Given these circumstances, it makes sense for all kinds of businesses to consider outsourcing technical support. Here at ROI Call Center Solutions, we have everything you need to make an informed decision about outsourcing your tech support call center. We’ll help your business reap all the benefits an outsourcing option can offer.

Quality Business Tech Support

Here at ROI Call Center Solutions, we understand that customers don’t care where your tech support call center located, as long as they get help. Our outsourced technical support service is designed to offer your users top-notch assistance from qualified tech support specialists. Our first priority is providing your customers with the best tech support available. We back up that desire with our impeccable reputation for:

  • In-depth Knowledge and Training
  • Superior Communication Skills
  • Live Support Technology

Knowledge and Training

As you know, the very purpose of outsourced phone support is to provide your users with knowledgeable, professional help whenever they need it. You accomplish this by hiring a staff of tech support specialists with the appropriate knowledge and problem-solving skills.

At ROI Call Center Solutions, we can provide you with the first-rate technical support call center you need, at a fraction of the cost. We can save you the hassle and expense of creating, hiring, training, and maintaining your own fully-staffed call center. And you won’t be sacrificing quality.

Outsourced support desk specialists are your front line of service when customers can’t solve issues on their own. Our representatives are highly trained and ready to take on the most complex technical problems. They can break down any technical issue into easy-to-understand terms while walking clients through the solution. It’s this type of guidance that yields the highest levels of customer satisfaction, whether your call center is located in the same city, or on the other side of the world. At ROI Call Center Solutions, we’re focused on keeping your customers happy, and your reputation for great support intact.

Superior Communication Skills

The number one complaint businesses have of outsourced technical support is the ability to communicate effectively. Often, customers have the unfortunate experience of contacting tech support, only to be confused and frustrated when they are connected with a representative they cannot understand due to a heavy accent or language barrier. And the last thing your business’ reputation needs is a lot of frustrated clients and users.

This problem is not limited to outsourced tech support, as local or regional accents may present a similar problem. However, at ROI Call Center Solutions, we work hard to combat this problem on all fronts. Our outsourced technical support call centers provide their employees with valuable speech training exercises to maximize communication and provide your users with a positive experience.

Live Support

Today’s inbound call center technology has opened up a new world in tech support, including live chat. This type of support allows both local and outsourced agents to communicate in real time with visitors to their Web site. Sometimes, users hesitate to call because of shyness or fear of poor communication. Fortunately,  ROI Call Center Solutions’ live chat applications can still provide immediate technical guidance and friendly tech support, without anyone picking up a phone. Our outsourced technical support options include live chat, invisible live traffic analysis, Website integration, and secure administration controls.

You don’t have to compromise quality, availability, or your reputation by using outsourced technical support. At ROI Call Center Solutions, we can help you offer the excellent service and support your clients expect, all while saving you time, money, and hassle.

Discover for yourself the ROI Solutions difference. Call us today at (385) 207-7588 or email us at [email protected] to learn more!