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Optimize your customer service with the support of an omnichannel contact center

Did you know that the average consumer today contacts customer service on at least three channels to get help? 

Today’s customers want to interact with brands the same way they interact with family and friends—across a variety of channels, with seamless integration across all of them. Of course, to pull that off at scale with thousands of customers, you need omnichannel support. 

Omnichannel support makes it possible for your customers to connect with your customer service team on whatever channel is most comfortable for them, whether that’s traditional voice calls, web chat, text message, email or more. An omnichannel support strategy ensures that all of those channels are completely integrated on the backend, allowing each customer service agent to have a full picture of the customer’s history and interactions. 

This consistent, integrated support makes getting questions answered much easier for customers—but it also benefits your business.

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What does omnichannel support include?

Omnichannel doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be available on every channel—but if you’re there, we’ll support you. At ROI CX Solutions, we can create seamless omnichannel support that integrates every channel you’re using, including:

  • Live chat / web chat
  • Video chat
  • Email support
  • Telephone and voice calls
  • Inbound and outbound communications
  • SMS support
  • Social media channels
  • 24/7 customer support
  • and more!

We use world-class technology paired with data-backed strategies to ensure you can reach your audience where they are with streamlined support.

Why Use Omnichannel Contact Center Services?

Omnichannel support is more than a nice-to-have—for the modern consumer, a seamless support experience is an expectation. Recent research makes the case for omnichannel clear: 

  • 78% of customers feel omnichannel support rarely or never happens 
  • 60% of millennials expect a “consistent experience from brands,” no matter where or what channel they interact with 
  • The typical consumer uses at least three different channels to communicate with customer service teams. 

Besides making customer support experiences more streamlined, using an omnichannel support strategy has a number of key benefits for your business.

Increase customer loyalty

68% of customers would pay more to shop with a company with great customer service. Omnichannel solutions creates engaged and loyal customers through seamless, effortless support with quicker responses and resolution times. Not only do loyal customer lower your CAC, they’re also more valuable for your bottom line! 

Reduce operational costs

When you outsource your omnichannel support, you get the benefit of enhanced expertise and technical solution without the expensive and time-consuming overhead of managing it all in-house. A streamlined customer journey also removes inefficiencies, making your solutions more cost-effective from start to finish. 

Stronger data analytics

With omnichannel solutions, you get integrated solutions and consolidated, coordinated data that allows our teams to provide clearer, more actionable data and reports for your team. With clearer insights and stronger analysis, your business can innovate, improve and grow faster, while offering higher-quality service. 

Why ROI CX Solutions

At ROI CX Solutions, our omnichannel solutions are custom to your needs—so you get everything you need, and nothing you don’t. With 40+ years of experience in CX and customer service, we offer exceptional customer service at every touchpoint, while giving you the tools and operational expertise to ensure those touchpoints are seamlessly integrated for the customer.

In addition, with support in 21+ languages and agents located in offshore, onshore and nearshore locations, our flexible and scalable teams allow you to expand your service and support to meet all of your customers, whenever and wherever they need to reach you.

Our omnichannel solutions are more than a call center solution—we’re here to partner with you to achieve your goals and business growth. Connect with an expert from our team today to see how our omnichannel solutions can serve your business.

Improving CSAT, service levels and revenue with integrated support

Our team is experienced at bringing your systems and support together into streamlined, omnichannel solutions that get big results. See how we helped one organization achieve: 

  • 99.7% increase in Speed to Answer 
  • additional $1M+ revenue per month 
  • 14% increase in Ease of Contact rate 
  • and more!