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Strengthen customer support with live chat services

Live chat is becoming more and more common for online businesses as an easy and cost-effective way to provide quick service to customers. With live chat, your agents respond in real-time to customer requests and messages via a direct-messaging platform on your website. 

What’s more, customers are coming to expect live chat as an integral part of customer support options—which means that if you’re not already offering live chat, now is the time to implement it. Aside from meeting customer expectations, live chat is a great way to: 

  • help mitigate rising call volumes 
  • offer extended hours of customer support 
  • reach and connect with a younger demographic 
  • provide quick and immediate service for straightforward questions 
  • and more! 

Interested in live chat services for your brand? We’re here to support you. 

Live Chat Services for Customer Support

Many companies choose to outsource their live chat services to a dedicated specialist who can manage all aspects of live chat maintenance and execution. But what exactly do live chat services include?

At ROI CX Solutions, we offer web chat support services for a wide range of small and medium-sized businesses across a variety of industries. We know that no two businesses are alike, so our services reflect the diversity of client needs. Our services include: 

  • Text message/SMS chat 
  • Web chat 
  • Video chat 
  • 24/7 monitoring and chat service 
  • Live chat implementation 
  • Live agent management
  • Chatbots 

We’ll tailor our approach to your unique needs and goals. Our live chat services and agents act as an extension of your own company, ensuring customer service is consistent and high-quality no matter the channel.

Our web chat services cover every aspect of live chat, so you can hand over the job to us and get back to what you do best. Our experienced team of professionals can be available at any hour of the day or night, answering customer questions, resolving issues, and helping your company maintain an excellent reputation for superior customer service.

Benefits of Using Live Chat

Live chat offers so many benefits to growing businesses who want to offer exceptional services, but it can be difficult to manage in-house. Outsourcing your live chat compounds the benefits you receive, while allowing your internal teams to focus more time and energy on growing your business. 

Consider just some of the benefits of live chat services:

Reducing call volume

Live chat offers an alternative to phone calls, eliminating many phone calls that can be answered with a quick message instead. Many companies who are overwhelmed by high call volumes find live chat an effective antidote to growing call volumes, allowing your call center staff to be less overwhelmed and answer calls in a more timely manner.

Easy extended hours

When you outsource your live chat, it’s an easy way to ensure that customers get taken care of 24/7. Our live chat teams can be available anytime to answer your customer questions and provide excellent customer support.

Offer self-service options

Self-service customer support is a growing need and desire among today’s customers, and chat options such as chatbots can help customers get their questions answered without need for a human agent. Not only does this help improve efficiency and productivity for your team, but it provides immediate answers and solutions to straightforward questions and concerns for your customers.

Improves productivity

Call center agents can only handle one phone call at a time, but experienced agents can handle multiple chats at a time. Not only does this improve productivity and efficiency, but it also allows customers to get help faster, improving customer satisfaction. In addition, many web chats take less time than a phone call would, allowing more customers to be helped in less time.

Improve profitability

With increased productivity and higher levels of customer service comes increased customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention, all of which are correlated with higher levels of profitability. And, since live chat is more economical than phone services, you can reduce your costs and overhead related to customer service by integrating live chat into your channels offered.

Appeal to younger customers

Younger customers tend to prefer quick, immediate service—that doesn’t require a phone call. Today, 41% of customers prefer live chat, compared to just 32% who prefer to make a phone call. Offering channels that feel native and familiar to younger demographics can strengthen your service and satisfaction among up-and-coming generations.

Why ROI CX Solutions

At ROI CX Solutions, we strike the perfect balance between human-centered and technology-powered, allowing your live chat solution to deliver the best results. We’ll power your live chat services with top-notch technological solutions, meaning best-in-class software, high-quality automations and data analytics and easy-to-use solutions.

Alongside that, our team of experienced agents will bring a human touch to every live chat interaction, ensuring your customers feel known and cared for by your company. Our experienced teams are located both across the US and around the world, making it easy to offer 24/7 service with hybrid and distributed teams. In addition, our flexible, scalable and affordable solutions allow you to meet your goals. 

With ROI CX Solutions, you get more than just live chat—you get a team of experts committed to achieving your goals and supporting business growth. Our expertise means our team can help you close the feedback loop by delivering reporting, analysis and data-backed strategies based on your live chat data. We’ll also deliver insightful business intelligence based on your data and customer’s frequently asked questions, which allows our clients to make better business decisions, improve products and customer communications and more. 

Ready to see how our live chat services can help you reach your goals? Connect with an expert from our team today.

Live Chat Outsourcing FAQs

Live chat refers to a type of customer service support where an agent chats in real-time with a customer through a messaging platform, be it SMS, web chat or an app. Many companies use a web chat software that adds this function directly to their website, allowing easy access for customers as they browse and make purchasing decisions. 

Live chat has many benefits including improving productivity, increasing customer satisfaction, providing quicker, more efficient service for customers, helping more customers in less time, improving profitability and more. 

Many companies find outsourcing live chat to be incredibly beneficial. Not only do you get all the benefits of having live chat for your customers, but you also free up time for your internal team and other customer support staff to focus on other channels or projects. In addition, outsourcing live chat makes it much easier to offer 24/7 service.
Many customers today (41%) prefer live chat to other customer service channels, such as phone, email or social media. In addition, more than half of customers (51%) are more likely to buy from companies who offer live chat services. Offering live chat is a great way to meet customer expectations and provide better service.