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Make SMS Services Work for You

Need a better way to reach customers directly? Try texting them.

Call center SMS services can support both inbound and outbound customer service and support. Either way, SMS support provides an effective channel to reach your current or potential customers. SMS marketing offers high open and click rates, while SMS customer support allows customers to reach your team directly from their own devices.

In both cases, outsourcing your SMS services makes them even more efficient and cost-effective. With outsourcing, you can remove the burden of an additional channel from your internal support team, while offering round-the-clock support and even taking advantage of automations to make your service even more efficient.

What is SMS Customer Service?

Short message service(SMS) uses text messaging to spread promotional messages (upon recipient’s permission). How many of us use a quick text to ask a question or share information instead of making a phone call that will take up more time (if it gets answered) or sending an email that might not get noticed? Call center text messaging is a great way to reach customers in a way that’s quick and more likely to get noticed.

What Makes Outsourced SMS Support Effective?

There are a number of factors that make text message service centers effective. They can all be summed up by one important thing: text messages get read. End of story. According to recent research, 91 percent of Americans have a phone with ready access to text, and text messages have a 98 percent open rate. Compare that to emails with an average open rate of just 22 percent.

Almost half of all emails are junk emails. That’s why we have junk filters and folders and why so many mass emails never get read. People also tend to have multiple email accounts and let less pressing emails get buried in their inboxes (if they make it to their inboxes).

SMS text messaging services are effective because texts get noticed. People usually get notifications for each message they receive. Texts are supposed to be brief, and when well written by text message marketing professionals, they can get the results you want.

Our SMS Services

There are so many ways to use SMS to communicate with and reach your customers and leads. Some of our SMS services include: 

  • SMS marketing 
  • multi-channel and omnichannel services
  • SMS order taking and appointment setting
  • SMS customer service 

 If you’re ready to use SMS to reach customers and leads, our team at ROI CX Solutions is here to help. 

Benefits of SMS Customer Service Solutions

Whether you’re using SMS for customer service, outbound marketing, or both, there’s many benefits for modern customer support and engagement.

Effective marketing

SMS marketing is far more effective than other marketing channels. For instance: the average open rate of emails is 22%, while the average text message open rate is 98%. By sending your marketing directly to customer’s phones, you have a much higher chance of increasing conversions and sales. 

Convenient customer service

For the customer, there’s almost no option more convenient than sending a quick text. Offering customer service via SMS ensures your customers can get support whenever and wherever they are.

Effective addition for omnichannel support

When offering omnichannel support, adding SMS as a channel allows customers to reach you via a convenient channel they already have available at all times. Modern technologies allow you to integrate SMS support with an omnichannel solution, allowing agents to text customers as easily as calling or emailing.

Personal, real-time support

When using SMS for customer service and support, customers have the opportunity to communicate with an agent in real-time, offering quick service at their fingertips (literally). At the same time, this support is much more personal than a chatbot or web chat solution.

Why ROI CX Solutions

At ROI CX Solutions, your SMS marketing and support won’t be passed off to a chatbot or robotic, highly-scripted agents. Instead, we ensure that each of our agents are highly-trained, skilled professionals ready to bring the highest level of quality to your customer service. Our agents are extensively trained on your brand, messaging and solutions so that you can deliver seamless support, no matter what channel your customers reach out on.

In addition, we ensure that your SMS support will include compelling, on-brand messaging that will keep your audience engaged with your brand. Whether through delivering marketing messaging, taking inbound customer orders or running research, our agents will have all the information and training they need to quickly answer customer questions and close sales.

Plus, with ROI CX Solutions, you benefit from an entire team’s worth of expertise and experience standing behind you and dedicated to your brand. Don’t settle for generic, basic SMS services—turn to a partner who cares about your customers as much as you do. Connect with an expert from our team today to see how our SMS services can transform your business.


Our clients represent some of the most recognized customer service brands in the world – thanks to their partnership with ROI CX Solutions. We drive customer service with a brand-focused, industry-leading strategy that delivers happier customers, better retention, and better business results every time.

SMS Call Center Solutions FAQs

Short message service (SMS) uses text messaging to spread promotional messages or offer customer support (with the recipient’s permission). Call center text messaging is a great way to reach customers quickly and far more effectively than calling or emailing.
The biggest benefit of SMS marketing is that it is so effective! Text messages get read, which means customers are more likely to take action on your message. In addition, SMS marketing and customer service are fast, convenient ways—for both you and your customers—to be in touch.
Yes! There are actually far fewer regulations in place for SMS marketing than email marketing. Ensuring you have customer permission to message them via text is the main factor to know. Even so, outsourcing your SMS marketing or customer service ensures that your SMS marketing adheres to regulations.

There’s no doubt that SMS texts get read, far more than other platforms. For example, the average open rate of emails is 22%, while the average text message open rate is 98%. Plus, text messages generally deliver an immediate notification, and their brief nature means they’re more likely to be read and digested than other marketing. As a result, they can drive effective results.

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