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Communicate with Clients via Billing & Payment Support

Want to communicate more easily with customers? Whether your business is small or large, we are your billing and payment service provider, enabling you to keep in touch with your clients. It’s all possible with ROI’s interactive phone-order-taking service, appointment setting, and bill payment services.

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Do you feel as though there are never enough hours in your workday to accomplish all that’s required? We’ve structured our outsourced billing services so you have adequate time to accomplish your endless agenda. With our professionals on your side, you have the ability to keep in touch with your clients whenever the phone rings, day or night.

When you become our partner, you immediately access multiple services:

During every call, we’re here to support your company as if we were an internal team. Our agents will ensure your customers feel supported and respected during each conversation with polite and prompt service. In addition, our multi-channel contact center solutions allow us to send messages to you via phone, text, email or fax—the choice is yours!

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At ROI CX Solutions, we relate to your small-business demands. Several years ago, an entrepreneur with a dream and a penchant for hard work started our company on a dime. Since then, we’ve evolved into a company that serves a wide range of clients, including small businesses and Fortune 500 clients.

We understand that customer service isn’t determined by the size of your business. You need customer service to extend both small and large businesses throughout the world, and that’s what we offer.


Our clients represent some of the most recognized customer service brands in the world – thanks to their partnership with ROI CX Solutions. We drive customer service with a brand-focused, industry-leading strategy that delivers happier customers, better retention, and better business results every time.

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