5 Things a CSR Should Never Say to a Customer

Proper customer service skills benefit every businesses and business owners that wish to succeed are those who should put an ongoing effort into employing and training customer service representatives who can genuinely serve their customer base.

Though a lot of focus is put on training customer services representatives on what to say to a customer in a given situation, there are some phrases that customer services agents should be taught never to say to a customer. As you make efforts toward a more effective customer service team, consider these 4 things a CSR should particularly avoid:

“That’s Not My Problem”

Few things will make a customer angrier than hearing a customer service representative brush off their concern by suggesting that an issue isn’t their problem. The point of a customer service team is to address the concerns of customers whether the issue falls within their personal jurisdiction or not. Even if a CSR can’t personally address the problem at hand, they should make an effort to assure the customer that they will direct the issue onto someone who will help them.

“You’re Mistaken”

Though it is possible for a customer to be wrong, flat out telling them so will do little to help the situation. By kindly explaining the situation using phrases like, “I can see how that would be confusing…” instead of simply, “You’re wrong…,” a CSR can sound more helpful and sincere.

“That’s Just the Way It Is”

When a customer shares their grievance with a CSR, being told, “Sorry, that’s just the way we do things,” or, “I can’t change it, that’s just the way it is,” they’re often left feeling like their experience with the business as an individual doesn’t really matter. Customer service reps will find that customers are much more easily pacified when some empathy for their problem is expressed and matched with an effort toward resolution.

“That’s Not My Fault”

Customers who call in angry about a botched order or a disappointing product don’t want to play the blame game. Though it might be frustrating for customer service reps to take the brunt of an angry customer from time to time, it should be recognized that the anger is not personally directed. Those assisting customers can simply apologize for the inconvenience, regardless of who is at fault, and offer a suitable solution.

“I Can’t Do That”

Though it can be tempting to end a conversation with an insistent and pushy customer by saying, “I can’t do that” or, “I’m not allowed to do that,” customer service agents may want to avoid talking about what they can’t do and instead focus on what they are able to do to help. By offering some alternatives the customer will know that they are being heard and that their issue will be addressed, even if it can’t be done according to their demands.

Effective customer service is so essential to the growth and prosperity of a business. The interactions that customer service representatives have with the customers who call in or come through the door will have a huge impact on whether the business relationship continues in the future. Many businesses have thrived with the help of a sincere and professional customer service team and others have failed where their efforts to really hear and help their customers has fallen flat.

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