Benefits of Call Recording for Your Business

What Are the Benefits of Call Recording for My Business?

When people call a business, they often hear a recording saying that their call is being monitored for quality assurance. But what exactly does this mean?

Companies don’t just record phone calls because they’re being nosy. Recording phone calls is done by call centers and other businesses to improve customer service and stay in compliance. There are many other benefits of call recording as well.

7 Business Call Recording Benefits

Does call recording make sense for your business? Whether you handle customer service in-house or contract out to a call center, consider these seven benefits to recording calls.

1. Identify Issues

One of the main benefits of call recording is that it can identify problems that a company may have. For example, are customers having trouble understanding an agent? Is a customer alleging things that aren’t true? Is a particular employee receiving a significant number of complaints about their poor customer service? You don’t just have to take someone’s word for it. You can record the call and see for yourself.

2. Quality Control

Why is it important to record calls? To save money. A lack of quality can be costly for a company. If an employee doesn’t enter information correctly, it can lead to a wrong item being shipped to an incorrect address. Recorded calls can also uncover missed details. If there is an instance of customer confusion, you can review the calls and look for the source of the misunderstanding. These errors can lead to decreased revenue as well as a decline in customer loyalty. Recording calls can help look for these issues and find solutions.

3. Improve Customer Service

Another important benefit of call recording is to improve customer service. Managers no longer have to hover around employees and micromanage them. They can simply record their calls and see how well they are interacting with customers. It’s best to be proactive in this regard and not wait until customer complaints start pouring in and things get out of hand.

4. Training Purposes

Why do call centers record calls? For training purposes. Call centers hire new employees often, and the best way to train them is to have them hear phone calls from current employees.

  • How do the employees greet the customers?
  • How do they solve the customers’ issues?
  • What do they say as they are ending the phone call?

These are all things that new employees will need to know as they are working in a call center. Instead of just telling them what to say and do, new employees can listen to and review phone calls.

5. Improve Performance

You can help employees improve their performance by showing them examples of good calls and bad calls. You can make sure every call is recorded so you can access them at later dates and review them for performance evaluations. Furthermore, you can then use these saved calls to provide feedback for employees, which will hopefully aid in improvement.

6. Reduce Liability

An important benefit of call recording is that it can help reduce the risk of lawsuits. No company wants to be sued, but lawsuits are always a possibility. Miscommunication can lead to a dispute, and if that dispute does not get resolved to the customer’s satisfaction, it can lead to a nasty court battle.

Corporations can defend themselves against these lawsuits, but doing so can be costly. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a call recording system in place. You can use recorded evidence to reduce your liability and defuse the situation.

7. Reduce Inappropriate Phone Calls

Why do call centers record calls? To make sure work is getting done. Not every employee follows the rules and stays on task. A call recording system can help detect security problems, such as employees who are discussing trade secrets and private details among other employees.
Call recording can also be used to monitor how employees are interacting with each other. You can look for inappropriate conversations, such as gossip, personal phone calls, and even sexual harassment. You can ensure that company time is being spent performing work duties.

Can I Record a Conversation With a Business?

You may be able to record a conversation with a business. Each state has its own laws regarding recording conversations. You can record a conversation with a business if there is consent from at least one party, depending on the state. Most states require consent from just one party. However, 11 states require the consent of everyone involved in the phone call before the conversation can be recorded.

But what is consent? Consent is often implied, so if a person is made aware that the conversation is being recorded and they continue with the call anyway, they are consenting.

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