Inbound Call Center Sales Techniques: Converting Customer Calls to Sales

How to Drive Sales in a Call Center

Having excellent customer service in a business is a great driving force behind increasing sales. By hiring a representative that is motivated and helpful, it can help build a connection between customers and the organization. Some traits that could drive sales in a call center might be a representative who is:

  • Well-informed of the services or products offered
  • Expert at fixing issues
  • Driven by success
  • Friendly and helpful
  • Skilled at communication
  • Self-organized

How Do You Improve Call Quality?

Call center professionals understand that there is more to each call than meets the eye. Each phone call offers an opportunity into the needs and desires of each customer. Call center employees must understand the three types of conversions that take place in order to change a customer’s behavior.

The Physical Conversion

The physical conversion entails such actions that make it possible for call centers to handle inbound sales. Your hiring process may need to change in order to better identify, screen, and recruit prospective call centers.. Restructure your expectations so that you can more easily hire call centers that are experienced in selling skills and the responsibilities that come with them.

Ensure that the call center you hire has a dedicated focus towards good interpersonal communication skills, an interest in learning new things, self-motivation when pursuing goals, the ability to identify critical issues and negotiate solutions confidently, honesty, and the natural ability to inspire a feeling of trust.

converting calls into sales roi solutions

Support must be intentional and shown. Equip your business with the call center that has the necessary tools to carry out their responsibilities effectively. This includes technical programs and applications, in-depth customer information, personalized recommendations, and upsell/cross-sell opportunities. These tools and opportunities allow call center agents to go above and beyond when helping to solidify successful sales for your business..

The Mental Conversion

The mental conversion of your inbound efforts can be a significant challenge at times, and must start  at the top.Part of achieving and maintaining this level of support includes providing hard data, such as conversion rates and revenue reports.

When measuring your hired call center’s key performance indicators, remember to adjust your priorities and perspective in order to reflect the new goals of customer sales and satisfaction.

The Customer Conversion

Start off by filtering, qualifying, and scoring your inbound sales leads. Do this by monitoring your marketing sources and determining the type and quality of customer they drive.

You can then begin to develop a picture of your caller. What is the context and circumstance surrounding their call? Do you have any insight into their preferences and behaviors? Consider asking qualifying questions so you can personalize the conversation in such a way that the customer experience is customized to their specific need. This gives the opportunity for an easy transition from a question into a sale.

Consider the Prospective Outcomes

It may seem a hefty challenge to turn basic incoming calls from customers into a profit-driving operation, but the benefits speak for themselves:

  • Maximized up-sales and cross-sales lead to exponential sales volume growth.
  • Escalated customer satisfaction leads to reinforced customer loyalty.
  • Contented investors, executives, and agents lead to renewed company dedication.

As inbound sales have skyrocketed in the last decade due to the increase in internet searches, significant sales advantages are waiting for you to grasp. If you can hire professional call center services, you’ll be in position to convert your customers. In the end, both sides will be happy and remain loyal to your brand. This is the epitome of a win-win situation and right where your company wants to be.

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