How To Get Leads for Insurance Sales [6 Best Methods]

Leads are the livelihood of any insurance company, yet generating new leads can be a challenge for many agents. Learning how to get leads for insurance sales takes time and expertise. Don’t worry, though—we’ve learned a thing or two about the craft over our many years in the industry.

So how do insurance agents get leads? And where can you buy leads? Check out our guide for answers to all of your questions about insurance leads.

How Can I Get More Insurance Sales?

If you’re looking to boost your insurance sales, getting more leads is one of the best ways to achieve your goal. Think about it: If you’re talking to more potential customers, it’s only natural that your odds of sealing the deal will go up over time. We’ll cover where and how to get those leads in the sections below.

How Do Insurance Agents Get Leads?

All right: So how do you generate leads? Experienced insurance agents have many tricks up their sleeves when it comes to getting leads.

1. Convert Website Visitors

Having an engaging website is one of the key ways to generate more insurance leads. Website visitors should be able to spend time on the site learning about your services, then enter their email or other contact information to speak to one of your agents. Make it easy for potential customers to give you their information, and you’ll see a steady flow of leads over time.

2. Build Your Online Reputation

Many of today’s consumers won’t make a single purchase without reading reviews first, and the same goes for insurance products. Build your online reputation and bring in more leads by listing your company on a wide range of reputable review websites, such as Google and Yelp.

3. Boost Your SEO

Another sure-fire way to bring in more leads is by boosting your ranking in search engine results. Most people browsing the internet will look at the top-ranking results first—and they don’t want to spend time clicking past the first page of results, either. Get a higher ranking by focusing on keywords, publishing valuable content, and hiring an SEO expert.

4. Engage on Social Media

While most social media users aren’t browsing the platform to learn about insurance, it’s still important to have a presence there to answer questions and respond to feedback. Many insurance companies have had success bringing in new leads by running Facebook ads, posting to their Instagram stories, and responding to tweets.

5. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for finding reputable, high-quality leads. But it’s important to hone your strategy before you try it out for yourself. Make sure your profile is professional and detailed, showing what your insurance company has to offer. Then join and engage in relevant groups and offer valuable information to those who might need it. Remember that nurturing leads on LinkedIn takes time, so be patient and maintain relationships long-term.

6. Join a Networking Group

The internet may be the biggest source of insurance leads today, but that doesn’t mean old-school methods should be completely forgotten. Sometimes in-person networking is one of the best ways to garner new leads. Join professional networking groups and get to know others in related industries. You never know when they’ll send a potential customer your way.

Where Can You Buy Leads?

We’ve listed many great sources for finding new insurance leads. But if you’re still asking yourself how you can get more insurance sales, you may want to consider buying leads from a lead service. This option has a mixed reputation, but if you’re buying leads from a quality source, it can be a good way to build your company—especially if you’re new to the industry.

Make sure to research the lead service extensively before you choose to buy leads from them, learning more about where they get their leads, how many they’ll be sending you, etc. It’s better to choose a company that sends fewer, higher-quality leads per month than a company that sends many lower-quality leads.

Get More Insurance Leads Today

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