Inbound Order Processing: The Secret To Preventing Missed Opportunities

Profitable growth is one thing that every business owner aspires to achieve. More often than not, the process is slow going, but once things take off, we find that growth can sometimes be downright unmanageable. Sales start pouring in faster than you can keep up with, space becomes limited, and as the size of your company changes, so must your processes, protocols, and staff.

It’s all too easy for businesses to get swept away in their own growth and miss out on countless sales opportunities. Important tasks start to slip through the cracks, mistakes and miscommunications are made, and deadlines are missed. While growth is a common goal among business owners, many find themselves failing at a near-impossible juggling act once they’ve achieved it.

If you’ve experienced a recent influx of sales and company growth, it’s more important than ever to adopt the proper systems and tools you need to stay on top of your advancing business and capture every opportunity that comes your way.

Enlisting the services of an inbound order processing team is just one of the ways you can keep a handle on things while leading your company toward a profitable future.

What is Inbound Order Processing?

Inbound order processing (also referred to as business process outsourcing) is used when sales volume becomes too heavy for companies to manage on their own. A team of experienced, qualified representatives are trained in the details of your product or service and are hired to take your sales calls, process orders, and provide reputable customer support. This cost-effective tactic has become incredibly common in recent years as more and more call centers offer inbound order processing to their list of outsourcing services.

The Benefits of Business Process Outsourcing

Outsourcing your inbound order processing provides a wealth of benefits that make the investment worthwhile. We’ve listed just a few of the best benefits to give you an idea of how valuable this growth strategy can be for your company.

1. Improved Customer Service

One of the absolute greatest benefits of business process outsourcing is the substantial improvement in customer service. As companies experience growth at a rapid pace, their customer service begins to fall behind as employees rush to process orders and keep up with the ever-increasing call volume.

With inbound order processing, however, potential buyers can contact your company day or night to place their orders in a timely manner. Not only do hold times decrease, but each representative is able to give every caller the time and attention they need to have their questions answered and feel valued as a paying customer.

2. More Time and Money

With the help of an inbound order processing team, you and your staff will find yourselves with so much more time on your hands to dedicate to other areas of the company. Your employees will be free to fulfill their assigned tasks and responsibilities without the burden of taking calls and manually processing orders. While your team of representatives works the phones to take orders, provide information, and assist callers with their questions, your in-house staff will be able to receive and fill orders in half the time.

In addition to saving you time, this business tactic will also reduce your staffing costs and improve workplace efficiency for the MVPs of the office.

3. Freedom to Grow

Too often, companies are periodically bogged down during busy seasons or inconsistent spurts of demand, which prevents consistent and manageable growth. During these busy periods when sales are booming, management and staff become too busy to continue their pursuit of building a better company. Unfortunately, once the wave of business has subsided, these companies find themselves struggling to pick up where they left off and continue growing during slow periods.

An inbound order processing team provides you and your company with the freedom to grow by floating your sales volume during even the busiest of times. Instead of scrambling to keep up, you will be free to focus on what really matters: effectively managing the growth of your company.

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