Far behind us are the days of only being able to communicate with a business through one channel of communication. Being able to receive answers to questions through the form of communication you prefer makes your customer experience a better one. Optimizing customer experience is of more importance now than ever as customers are making their experience a higher priority. When customers are needing to connect with your company for help, ensuring they get their questions answered quickly and efficiently is going to drastically impact their experience purchasing from your company. Repeat customers are essential for any company, so creating a customer service experience that is smooth and stress-free will influence how likely customers will be to purchase from you again. Below we have outlined the two types of customer support, omnichannel and multichannel, and their differences and similarities.

Multi-Channel Support

Most businesses in today’s world utilize multi-channel support. Multi-channel support is characterized by a business having several different channels of communication. For example, businesses commonly have a social media presence, email, a customer service phone number, and other features like live chat on their website. Because customers can use any of these channels to communicate and interact with the company, the company is multi-channel. If a business isn’t multi-channel, becoming multi-channel is well worth your time and resources. 

Multi-channel support generally uses a different agent for each form of communication. This means that there will be different customer service reps for live chat, email, and phone calls. This is one of the main characteristics that separates multichannel from omnichannel customer service. 

Omnichannel Support

Omnichannel support is similar to multichannel in that customers can interact with a company through several different platforms and channels. The difference between the two is the integration of omnichannel support. Omnichannel support utilizes software that allows a customer service rep to move seamlessly with a customer throughout the different channels of communication. When one customer service rep can toggle between different channels of communication with a customer, that customer will receive answers to their questions much more efficiently. There will be significantly less time spent transferring a customer from agent to agent. 

At the end of the day, multichannel support is good, but omnichannel support is better. The integrated aspect of omnichannel will keep conversations with customers efficient and as productive as possible. 

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