The Crucial Role of a Customer Service Manager

All companies need a strong customer service manager that is able to solve problems and help customers. There are several different skills needed to work effectively with customers, so if you find yourself dealing with customers and customer issues regularly, you should consider getting a customer service manager for your company.

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The Customer Service Manager’s Role

Some customer service manager responsibilities:

  • Lead a team of employees to make sure customers’ needs are met and issues are resolved in a timely manner.
  • Help customer service representatives by suggesting new ways to resolve a customer’s problem or complaint.
  • Take care of customer service problems as quickly and efficiently as possible,
  • Hire and train the team that will best help accomplish that goal.
  • Help the customer service team work most effectively with customers.

Job Requirements

There are several skills and requirements every customer service manager needs to fulfill their job requirements. Some are as follows:

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Customer service skills and experience
  • High school diploma, at least
  • Patience

Following is a breakdown of these different skills and why they are needed to accomplish the many different customer service manager responsibilities.

Education Level and Experience

The educational level required to become a customer service manager is at least a high school diploma or high school equivalent. This is ideal for someone who is interested in becoming a customer service manager but doesn’t have a higher education level. Most companies also offer on-the-job training for new managers, and this is something you should consider if you want to hire a customer service manager of your own.

One of the most important things customer service managers need is customer service experience. Because a customer service manager deals so much with customers and hires new employees to work with customers, they need to know how to best serve a customer. The best way to learn to support a customer is through experience. Time as a cashier, a movie theater usher, or a superstore employee are all customer service experience that can build skills a customer service manager needs.


Patience is a great customer service skill. When working with customers you need patience. As the old customer service saying goes, “The customer is always right.” And while that may or may not be true, part of a customer service manager’s responsibilities is to make sure the customer feels they are being listened to. Few things can affect a company more than complaints or reviews from a client who feels they are being ignored or overlooked. A big part of a customer service manager’s responsibilities is maintaining the company’s relationship to their customers, and making sure all complaints and problems are swiftly dealt with.


Another skill to have as a customer service manager is problem-solving. Because a customer service manager will be dealing with customers and customers’ problems, you need someone who has good problem-solving skills. Customers don’t just want polite treatment, they want their problem solved as quickly as possible.

Employment Opportunities and Day-to-Day

According to a blog post on Prospects, there are several different types of customer service managers:

  • Customer care managers
  • Customer operations managers
  • Corporate services managers
  • Customer relationship managers

All these types of customer service managers need to be able to comprehend customers’ needs, Prospects says, and then to “exceed their expectations if possible.” This is something to keep in mind when looking for your own customer service manager.

If hiring a customer service manager seems like the right thing for your business, then don’t hesitate! Contact ROI Call Center Solutions today for a free consultation. A customer service manager can help your business maintain and manage its relationship with your clients and customers. Having a customer service manager with the patience and leadership skills found here will help your business in new ways and help you to start focusing on growing your business.

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