Try These Effective SMS Templates for Abandoned Carts

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What are the biggest challenges your business is facing? We’re willing to bet one of the first things that comes to mind is the ongoing battle for your customers’ attention. Because while you might have the best product on the market, you’ll never get anywhere if your customers don’t pay attention long enough to see why your product is so amazing.

The Race for Customer Attention

Consumers today are inundated with messages fighting for their attention. They wake up and immediately scroll through several forms of social media, where they see a mix of marketing messages and pictures of their boss’s friend’s cats. Then they might head to the gym, where they’re bombarded with TV screens, loud music, and again, their trusty smartphone at their side.

And that’s only the start to their day. Heading to the grocery store or the doctor’s office or browsing the internet, they’ll only be met with more things aiming to stop them in their tracks for even just a few seconds.

Cart Abandonment

Naturally, then, customers often spend time shopping online, filling their cart with things they intend to buy—only to leave the website before completing the purchase. If your business suffers from high rates of cart abandonment, you’re not alone. Even the most successful companies are grappling to find more effective ways to get customers to finish their purchase before they leave the site.

How SMS Templates Can Help

If you’re wondering how to compete for customer attention in such a tough marketing landscape, SMS marketing just may be the answer. SMS is a far more intimate form of communication.

Rather than relying on algorithms to reach your audience, you can have a sure-fire way of reaching customers in the place usually reserved for communication with friends. SMS messages have an astoundingly high open rate of up to 98%, making them by far the best way to ensure your customers are getting the messages you craft for them.

Since most customers intend to come back at some point and complete their purchase on your website, SMS messages can be just the reminder they need to actually follow through. By sending the right message at the right time, you might be able to drastically lower your cart abandonment rates with the help of SMS.

Abandoned Cart SMS Templates for E-commerce

SMS messages should be short and direct. Since practically every single person you send the text to is bound to open the message, you’ll want to think carefully about the message you’re sending. Because, although open rates are exponentially higher with SMS marketing, the unsubscribe rates are also much higher than any other platform.  Customers who don’t like the message will be more likely to opt-out before they give any more of your messages a chance.

So what should you say to customers who’ve abandoned their carts? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Offer Assistance

The Message:

Hi there, we noticed you didn’t finish your order on WEBSITE. Reply HELP if you would like our assistance. Thanks, BUSINESS NAME.

Why it Works:

Sometimes customers didn’t finish a purchase because they couldn’t find the size they were looking for or wanted to find a similar product. In this case, a simple text offering help might be all the push they need to complete their order.

2. Give a Friendly Reminder

The Message:

Hello! Did you forget to complete your order on WEBSITE? Just click the link to finish the task! Your friends at BUSINESS NAME.

Why it Works:

Many customers get distracted or have to finish another task before they can come back to make their purchase. In the meantime, they might forget about what they were doing. They might just love the friendly reminder about the shopping cart that awaits them.

3. Sweeten the Deal

The Message:

You left some awesome products waiting in your shopping cart at WEBSITE! Grab them now and score 20% off your purchase with the code CODE at checkout. Enjoy! BUSINESS NAME.

Why it Works:

If your customers are debating about whether or not they want to make a purchase, a short-time offer could incentivize them to go for it.

4. Create a Sense of Urgency

The Message:

Your cart is waiting for you over at WEBSITE! Complete your purchase before someone else snags them! Click the link to finish your order now. Thanks! BUSINESS NAME

Why it Works:

Even if you have plenty of inventory, reminding your customers that the product won’t be around forever is a great way to get them to pull the trigger.

Outsourcing Your SMS Marketing

If you’re looking for help with your SMS marketing, you might want to consider outsourcing the job. Many reputable marketing agencies specialize in SMS marketing, and can offer you expertise to more effectively reach your customers.

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