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A company should have many goals and aspirations, but foremost among those should be a goal pertaining to providing the best customer service possible. If your goal as a company is to grow and adapt and become the best you can be for the sake of your customers, you’re going to need to be willing to undergo and perform audits.

There are many different types of audits you can perform. And while the importance of internal audits can’t be overstated, there’s another side to auditing that should also be considered: the external customer service audit.

Learn what external customer service audits are and look over the list of pros and cons associated with them. We’ll also briefly discuss why a call center is better for good customer service.

What is an External Customer Service Audit?

To audit is essentially to take a look at the inner and outer workings of something and evaluate if everything is efficient and effective. In the business world, auditing can happen on anything from financial statements to employee satisfaction.

An external customer service audit is exactly what it sounds like: an audit conducted by an external source either acting as a customer or legitimately a customer. As a company, you can set up an external customer service audit through a 3rd party or orchestrate it yourself through personal connections.

Either way, the goal is to leave an external customer feeling very satisfied and happy with their interaction with your business or employees from a customer service standpoint.

What are the Pros of Getting an External Customer Service Audit?

There are a lot of benefits that come with conducting an external customer service audit, including the following:

Helps Redirect Goals

If you find that the results of your external customer service audit are less than satisfactory, maybe it’s time to reevaluate your goals. It’s possible your employees involved were having a bad day, but it’s also possible they don’t understand the purpose behind what they’re doing. Goals and objectives should be clear and concise.

Clues You in on Problems

This is likely the most obvious benefit of external customer service audits. You can find under-performing employees, learn about flaws in your customer service process, and more.

Gives Direction on Training

If a customer comes in with questions or problems that your customer service agent can’t answer because they don’t know the necessary information, you’ve got a problem. But knowing this information provides you with the awareness necessary to make the right changes.

What are the Cons of External Customer Service Audits?

Just as with most things, there are both good and not so good things about external customer service audits. On the bright side, the pros do outweigh the following cons:


When you hire a company or individual to perform an external customer service audit, it’s helpful to recognize that their report is going to be one-sided. You won’t know the backstory behind the employee(s) or customer service processes that they are auditing.

Good, open communication will make this easier. Keep your employees informed; tell them customer service audits will be performed at random. And talk with them about their evaluations afterward.


Internal audits are pricey. So are external ones. But ultimately, since the customer is the one that keeps your business going, the cost is worth it because you’re going to end up with valuable information that will help you create a customer service system that will attract and retain more customers.

Increase Customer Satisfaction with Call Centers

A call center is a great way to maintain excellent relationships with customers for a couple of key reasons:

  • Your customer service representatives all work closely together, creating connections among one another and helping each other out.
  • Any questions that come up are localized rather than spread out over departments so that you can figure out what your customers’ problems are more easily and better address/solve them.