What Is NPS in a Call Center?

Any business is constantly looking for ways to measure success and improve KPIs. There are a million things you can measure, but one of the best indicators of revenue growth comes from focusing on effective net promoter score activities. And maybe you’ve heard that outsourcing your customer service is one way to improve your company’s NPS.

But what is NPS in a call center? And what are effective call center NPS benchmarks? Check out our guide to learn how you can improve NPS scores for the customer support team by outsourcing your call center services to an experienced call center like ROI Solutions.

NPS Definition

NPS stands for net promoter score, which is a KPI measuring a customer’s perception of a company. This score is based on one simple question: “How likely are you to recommend our brand to a friend or family member?” Customers then provide their answer on a scale of 0-10, with 10 being the most likely to recommend, and 0 being the least likely to recommend the company.

Many of the top brands around the globe use NPS to determine revenue growth, customer loyalty, and churn rates. The formula has become popular because it’s quick and easy to measure.

NPS Formula

When you hire an experienced call center like ROI Solutions to handle your call center needs, the first step will be to measure your current NPS using the NPS formula. This formula is based on three categories of customer responses:

0-6 Score (Detractors): Customers who respond with a 0-6 rating are considered detractors, or those who are unhappy with the brand and may damage the reputation.
7-8 Score (Passives): Customers who respond with a 7-8 rating are passives, or those who aren’t necessarily excited about the brand, but are still relatively satisfied.
9-10 Score (Promoters): Customers who respond with a 9-10 rating are promoters—extremely loyal customers who will spread the word about your brand and help you grow.

Once the customer responses are divided into these three categories, the call center team will add up the number of responses in each group, and then divide each number by the total number of responses to get a percentage.

Then they’ll finalize the NPS by subtracting the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters. For example, if you have 50% promoters and 10% detractors, your NPS would be 40. Any score of 50 or above is considered a good NPS.

How to Improve NPS in a Call Center

Wondering how to improve your call center NPS? When you outsource your call center services, the third-party will be able to help you create a more effective quality assurance program, measure agent performance, and provide agent training. Another key to boosting NPS lies in knowing how to get more promoters.

Check out the following list for more examples of ways an outsourced call center can improve your NPS.

1. Create a Quality Assurance Program

Your outsourced call center will design a customized quality assurance program, ensuring that every customer is getting the same high-quality service. This also gives the best benchmark to measure agent performance.

2. Track and Evaluate Calls

Outsourced call centers track and evaluate calls to learn what’s working, where agents are going wrong, and figure out ways to boost customer satisfaction. After all, a satisfied customer is more likely to recommend your brand to friends and family.

3. Respond to Customer Feedback

Are you asking for feedback from your customers? And if so, are you actually taking action based on what they tell you? If not, you’re missing out on an incredibly valuable tool that will improve your business across the board. The best call centers know that customers have the best ideas for how to make a business better, and they’ll take the time to listen.

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4. Monitor Agent Performance

Monitoring agent performance is another key step in improving NPS. Once a call center distinguishes top performers from the agents who are struggling, they have a better idea on where to focus training. This also helps to develop incentive programs to encourage agents to improve their performance—which all reflects well on your brand.

5. Streamline Customer Communication

Ultimately, every customer is looking for the path of least resistance when it comes to communicating with your brand. By making it as easy as possible for customers to reach out with questions and inquiries, outsourced call centers boost your brand’s image and make customers more likely to tell their friends about your great customer service.

Improve Your NPS Today

NPS is a simple, direct way of measuring how customers feel about your brand. Improving your NPS will give you tangible results, whether you’re looking to increase profits, reduce churn rates, or boost customer satisfaction.

Contact ROI Call Center Solutions today to learn how we can help you improve your NPS with our inbound and outbound call center services. Our award-winning company can assist you with technical support, conducting surveys, appointment scheduling, and more.

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