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7 Ways to Achieve Your Goals with a Global Call Center

The internet, social media, and mobile devices have created a world market for almost any business. To meet demand, you should consider contracting with a Global Call Center like those available through ROI Call Center Solutions. Eliminate language barriers and create 24/7 availability through the expertise of a Global Call Center. Still not convinced? Check out these 7 ways you can expand your business and achieve your goals by working locally but thinking globally.

Global Analytics

The internet has changed how people do business. No longer are consumers confined to products and services that are only available locally. Not only has e-commerce opened up a global market, but customers are also doing more and more research before purchasing. A global call center embraces this shift in buying trends and keeps you on track. Your global call center should also be able to provide quality data, analysis, and reporting that you can use to make future business decisions.

Global solutions

Mobile Device Users

Regular store hours are still necessary, but with the incessant use of mobile devices, your business could see browsers at any time of day or night. With the implementation of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and “cookies,” it’s not uncommon for someone to see your pop-up ad and click through to your page. This is what you want, right? So don’t lose that customer if they have an immediate question. People are impatient; they want answers now. A global call center will make your business available to mobile shoppers round the clock.

Customer Support Demand

The availability of information at the fingertips of consumers and the expansion of businesses to a global market means more customers, which in turn means more demand for customer support. A global call center can meet this demand and is scalable, so it can adjust as peaks and valleys influence your business.

24/7 Support

The increase in demand for customer support requires that support be available 24/7. If you have expanded to the global market, your customer support must “follow the sun,” being available to all time zones. Daily lives have also shifted so that we are no longer a 9-to-5 society, and people’s days are jam-packed with activities, so evenings are when they finally have time to take care of tasks like following up on a product or service issue, creating the “internet rush hour” between 7 pm and 11 pm. A global call center will help your business follow the sun…and the money.


Whether your business is local or global, you really need to have access to multilingual customer service. Why limit your customer base to a single language? A global call center can provide that. In conjunction with the scalability of availability, a global call center can field calls in just about any language, either internally or through call transfers or calls returned to customers. A global call center may also have TTY services available for the deaf community.


24/7 demand, increased customer support, varied languages, info on-the-go, and the overall global economy all require flexibility, and a global call center can provide just that.

Company Savings

You may be thinking that information about savings should be at the top of this list, but isn’t it all about the bottom line, which is increasing profit margin? By using a global call center, you can save on wage and fringe benefits, and some offshore call centers can pay lower wages, so the expense to you is lower. You also have zero overhead for infrastructure, office space, technology, and maintenance.

Even if your product or service may not be “shippable,” you still have the potential to open up another income stream through the use of a global call center. Cash in on your knowledge and expertise by providing answers and support on a “pay for answers” basis.

The world is calling, so get your global call center ready to answer today.

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