3 Tips to Grow Your Business with Appointment Setting Services

3 Tips to Grow Your Business with Appointment Setting Services

Every company, large or small, would love to excel at each facet of a successful business, but relatively few have that capacity or expertise. Oftentimes it makes more sense to outsource components to third-party experts. Appointment setting services are a good example of a profoundly important task that can be best served by an outside source. If you are deciding whether outsourcing appointment setting services is for you, consider these 3 tips about when it may be time to let someone else do it for you.

1. You Are a Startup or Small Business Looking to Grow

The first couple of years for a startup can be the most difficult, and every penny must be watched carefully. You want to keep your overhead in check in part by using minimal staff, but sometimes this can result in employees spending time performing tasks that are not optimal to your profit margin. Your salespeople will be much more efficient and successful in closing deals if they spend less time generating leads and doing their own appointment setting.

2. Your Company Has Inadequate Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs)

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This is probably the situation in which most businesses find themselves and is when appointment setting services can have the greatest impact. If your contact lists are inaccurate, your sales staff are wasting time on initial calls that come to nothing. Worse yet, incorrect information can cost you sales and new customers by indicating that you are not maintaining your records.

By outsourcing your appointment setting services to a third party like ROI, your company can:

  • Enjoy the luxury of only quality leads to maximize sales
  • Receive leads that are organic and unique to your company, not already sold to your competitors
  • Be represented by appointment setters who specialize in making initial contacts utilizing a quality script, without sounding scripted or robotic
  • Make an excellent first impression through the professionalism of your appointment setting services
  • Let your outsourcing company, such as ROI, manage the appointment setting staff, freeing up more time for you to be the boss and handle your company’s business affairs
  • Be assured that data received is current and accurate, thereby lending efficiency and profitability

3. You Need to Optimize Marketing and Sales Staff

Appointment setting services can handle the burden of cold calling and follow-up contacts, thus allowing marketing and sales to focus on what they do best. Instead of trying to put together leads, marketing can work on a vigorous branding for your business and increased visibility in the market.

Your sales staff will be ecstatic that they are out making face-to-face contact and closing deals instead of sitting at a desk making phone calls and leaving voicemail messages.

The increased efficacy of both departments will snowball into not only greater sales numbers, but also a higher morale amongst all staff.

Bonus Tip: What to Look for in Appointment Setting Services

Once you have made the wise decision to outsource your appointment setting services, here are just a few things to consider when choosing your third party:

  • Are their Customer-Relationship Management tools compatible with yours, or can they easily be adapted?
  • What is the quality of the overall data they can return through reporting (for future campaigns) and what is the accessibility to the data?
  • Does their appointment setting services have the ability for you to measure and analyze data?
  • What has been their past campaign results?
  • Do they offer a fixed rate option, pay for performance, or both?

Outsourcing appointment setting services puts the drudgery of sales calls into the hands of people who love to do this for a living. Make everyone happy, and watch your sales explode, by establishing appointment setting services today.

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