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How to Use a Customer Service Chat Service For Your Business

Keeping your customers happy and satisfied should be one of your business’s top priorities. But with a never-ending to-do list for you and your employees—developing products, marketing, fulfilling orders, meeting with investors, bookkeeping etc.—it can be a struggle to give each customer individualized attention, especially if you have a tight budget and small staff.

That’s where customer service chat support comes in. Your customers don’t want to call a mysterious toll-free number to leave a message and wait for a response, and they don’t want to send an email into the corporate void and wait days to hear back.

Online customer service chat has come a long way over the past few years. It can help your customers feel heard and actually solve their problems while benefiting your bottom line.

How Chat Support Benefits the Customer

Having live chat support on your website benefits customers themselves in the following ways:

Customers Like Using Chat Services

According to a Twilio consumer study, the No. 1 preferred channel for customer service is chatting and messaging. People like being able to message a company. They want to chat—45 percent of customers used it in 2017 to interact with a live representative.

Chatting adds a layer of humanity and accessibility to the customer service experience while adding the benefit of the convenience and privacy of online messaging. Chatting also allows customers to multitask; they just open a new tab on their browser and get some work done while waiting for a response.

Customers Feel Valued by You

Instantaneous support—rather than waiting days or even hours for help—lets your customers know how much you value them and want to help them with their problems. It feels good to be heard, even if it is by a stranger at a company’s website. Plus, your customers will get their questions answered and their issues resolved, which will put them in a good mood—and help them think fondly about your business.

How Chat Support Benefits Your Business

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Customers feel good when they are heard by a company and get quick answers to their questions and concerns. And customers who feel good about their experiences with your business become repeat customers. Here’s how using chat support will benefit your business:

Increased Your Leads and Conversions

A study by Drift showed that the faster a company responds to a potential customer, the more likely that customer is to stick around. The magic response window is five minutes—after that time passes, the likelihood the individual converts from a lead to a sale dramatically drops.

Visitors to your e-commerce store don’t want to sit around and wait for you to get back to them about a product question—but if you respond quickly, it’s an easy sell. Customer service chat makes it easier for sales leads to contact you, and facilitates a quick response, leading to more conversions for you.

Customer service chat can help customers make more informed decisions about the products they are buying. They will feel better about their purchases, and help your bottom line at the same time—a buyer who chats will spend an average of 60 percent more on a purchase.

Increase Your Customer Retention

The primary reason customers leave is not poor products but poor customer service. Providing an all-around quality experience will make it more likely that they will come back (and send their friends), and the convenience and responsiveness of customer service chat provides a great venue for quality customer service.

Develop Your Competitive Advantage

Chat services have been around for years, but they aren’t extremely common yet—of major retailers, just one out of ten uses chat for sales, and the ones who use it for customer service have it buried in the website. Using live chat support—especially support that is always available—is a unique offering that will set your company apart from the competition.

Choose the Best Outsourcing Options

Outsourcing your customer service chat service will save your business money in the long run. You won’t have to vet and hire around-the-clock customer service agents, but your company and customers will still benefit from live messaging. When choosing an outsourcing option, look for these qualities:

  • Agents available 24/7
  • The ability to train representatives in your company procedures, values, and products
  • A variety of customer service options, including phone, email, chat, and more
  • The ability to monitor calls and chat conversations

There’s really no reason not to use a customer service chat service for your business. Good customer service leads to happy customers, and happy customers will keep your business growing.

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