Case Study

Healthcare Industry

How we transformed CX and increased revenue and patient outcomes for a premier healthcare system
  • 99.7% increase in Speed to Answer (40 minutes to 7 seconds)
  • 75% reduction in No Show Rate
  • 800% growth in team size (10 agents to 90)
  • $1M+ revenue per month
  • 14.26% increase in Ease of Contact Rate
  • 16.58% increase in Ease of Scheduling Rate


Our client is a premier healthcare system operating in Montana, Wyoming, and the western Dakotas. As a non-profit organization, it is committed to delivering exceptional healthcare services to its community. With a workforce of more than 4,700 individuals, including nearly 600 physicians, non-physician providers, and advanced practitioners, the clinic offers an integrated multi-specialty group practice with over 80 specialties.

The clinic’s vision is to be a leading healthcare provider at a national level, with a focus on clinical quality, patient safety, service, and value. They work towards achieving this objective by implementing shared electronic medical records, which optimize the overall quality, safety, and cost of care.

The company has established 14 regional partnerships, including management agreements with 13 Critical Access Hospitals and one outpatient clinic. Additionally, the clinic conducts approximately 110 specialty care clinics every month at 21 regional locations, catering to the residents of rural Montana, Wyoming, and North Dakota. In 2014, the company launched Montana’s first Internal Medicine Residency program to advance healthcare, education, and research.

The clinic’s Community Benefits program has provided more than $38 million in benefits to the community, including financial assistance of $9.9 million to nearly 11,000 patients. The clinic has been recognized nationally for its excellent patient quality, safety, and service performance and was the first Montana Magnet®-designated healthcare organization for nursing excellence

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The centralized patient scheduling center for the company had been experiencing several challenges that adversely affected its ability to provide quality patient care and generate revenue. 

One of the main issues was an overwhelming call volume, which meant that patients were waiting for extended periods, with many abandoned calls. This led to missed service opportunities and overall poor customer experience. 

To make matters worse, their no-show rate was around 4%, which caused significant backlash within the community, resulting in a substantial loss in revenue. 

As a result, the company desperately needed assistance to improve its call handling, streamline its appointment scheduling, and enhance the overall patient experience.

These challenges were creating several operational difficulties for the clinic. The call center was experiencing a significant backlog, which made it difficult to manage the volume of calls they received. The long wait times were causing frustration for patients, and the no-show rate was impacting the clinic’s revenue stream. This situation required urgent attention, and the company needed to find ways to resolve these issues to improve its services and meet patient expectations.

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When this partner approached ROI CX Solutions for help with their centralized patient scheduling center, we immediately identified the issues that needed to be addressed. 

The overwhelming call volume would be addressed quickly by staffing a 10-seat pilot within five days. We further proposed that within two weeks of the launch, we would be able to analyze the historical data and the new data comprehensively. This real-time analysis would allow a more accurate and real-world recommendation to impact the patient experience positively.

Further, to capture the data needed for accurate forecasting on the recommendations, we proposed a full integration between our preferred telephony system and their Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system, Cerner. This would allow us to introduce accountability among the agents and focus on improving First Call Resolution (FCR) for patients calling multiple times within a single day, which only added to patient wait times.

Finally, ROI CX Solutions also proposed enhancing the voicemail process to improve efficiency and customer experience. The previous voicemail system needed more visibility on whether a message was resolved. To address this issue, we proposed integrating the voicemail system with our Five9 platform. With this update, voicemail messages would automatically be assigned to agents as standard inbound calls. This modification enabled us to address customer concerns even after business hours, ensuring that patients receive prompt attention and better support.

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As a result of implementing the proposed solutions of ROI CX Solutions, the client saw significant improvements in their patient experience with the centralized patient scheduling center. One of the most significant results of our solutions was the 99.7% increase in speed to answer, which decreased from an average of 40 minutes to just 7 seconds. Patients could now quickly connect with a live agent, eliminating long wait times and enhancing the overall experience.

Another area that saw a substantial improvement was the no-show rate. Our solutions reduced the rate by 75%. By revamping the Voice Mail system and our emphasis on improving First Call Resolution (FCR), patients were now calling less frequently throughout the day, which had only added to their previous wait times. To accommodate the increased call volume and further support FCR, we increased the team by a whopping 800%, increasing from just ten agents to 90. The increased staffing allowed us to provide faster and more efficient service, improving patient satisfaction.

Our solutions also significantly impacted revenue capture, resulting in over $1,000,000 in additional monthly revenue, or $12 million annually. We achieved this by providing faster and more efficient service, resulting in more appointments scheduled and fewer no-shows.

Our emphasis on improving ease of contact and scheduling also resulted in impressive gains with the patients themselves. The ease of contact rate increased by 14.26%, while the ease of scheduling rate increased by 16.58%. These improvements, reported by the patients, illustrate how our streamlined scheduling process has helped enhance their overall experience with the client.

By implementing our proposed solutions, our client company achieved impressive results, including increased speed to answer, reduced no-show rates, increased revenue capture, and improved ease of contact and scheduling rates. These results demonstrate the value of our expertise and commitment to enhancing the patient’s experience.

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Since beginning our partnership in October 2022, ROI CX Solutions has demonstrated our ability to provide exceptional service and results. Our growth rate with this partner has been impressive, and we are proud to have been a part of their success. We have worked hard to deliver value to our partner, and our results have been recognized through additional business awarded to us. 

Starting with just 10 FTEs scheduling for a single department, our team’s efforts have helped us to grow significantly. We have now expanded our team to include 90 FTEs, who are now responsible for scheduling across 14 different departments and specialties. This business growth is a testament to the success of our partnership and the trust that the clinic has in our team to deliver results. We look forward to continuing to build on our accomplishments together and exploring new opportunities for growth in the future.


The story of this critial healthcare provider and its centralized patient scheduling center was challenging, but ROI CX Solutions was able to turn things around with our proposed solutions. The high call volume, long wait times, and high no-show rates were adversely affecting the patient’s experience, and as a result, the clinic’s revenue stream suffered. However, our quick response to their needs helped us to identify the issues and implement the necessary changes that resulted in significant improvements.

Our solutions effectively reduced wait times and no-show rates, leading to an increase in revenue capture of over $1,000,000 per month or $12 million annually. Additionally, we increased the team by 800%, adding more staff to accommodate the increased call volume and providing faster and more efficient service that improved patient satisfaction.

The results of our solutions were impressive, including a 99.7% increase in speed to answer, a 75% reduction in no-show rates, and increased ease of contact and scheduling rates reported by patients. These results demonstrate the value of our expertise and commitment to enhancing the patient experience. Our success has led to additional business being awarded to us, and we are proud to have been a part of their success.

Since our partnership began in October 2022, we have grown significantly, expanding from just 10 FTEs scheduling for a single department to 90 FTEs responsible for scheduling across 14 departments and specialties. Our team’s efforts have helped us to build a strong relationship, and we are excited to continue to build on our successes together in the future.

At ROI CX Solutions, we understand the importance of improving the patient experience and its impact on revenue. We are committed to providing exceptional service and results to our partners, and our success is a testament to this commitment.

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“Thanks to ROI CX Solutions, we have provided faster and more efficient service to our patients, significantly improving our patient experience and revenue capture. With their expertise in integrating technology and implementing solutions, we have reduced our no-show rate by 75% and increased monthly revenue by over $1 million. We are thrilled with the results and grateful for the partnership with ROI CX Solutions.”

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