Industries Benefiting From Call Center Services

3 Industries That Benefit from Outsourced Call Center Services

When it comes to growing and sustaining a successful business, there is almost nothing more important than quality customer service. And while the number of customers who prefer automated self-service has undoubtedly risen in recent years, a majority of both current and prospective customers still long for human interaction when inquiring about a product or service.

To meet the need for real-time service, companies across the globe are turning to call centers for help. The following three industries, in particular, rely on outsourced call centers to maintain quality customer service and much more.


For banking institutions, call centers are a great solution for implementing multi-channel strategies while also providing customers with the support and feedback they need. With mobile and online banking dominating the industry, clients now have first-hand access to digital and automated assistance, thus they fully intend to receive human interaction when calling a bank.

With extensive training and experience in customer service, representatives at outsourced call centers can provide professional assistance for things like loans, cards, accounts, and mortgages. By delivering quality, informed services, banks are able to better retain clients and build a reputable, respected brand.

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies rely on call center services to meet customer demands and fill the need for consistent, interactive, and real-time support. Professional call center representatives work proactively with insurance members to help them maximize benefits, enroll in additional programs, and improve their overall experience.

Lastly, because their main purpose is to provide quality customer support, outsourced call centers tend to have the best technology and resources at their disposal. Individual insurance agencies, on the other hand, typically have limited funds for supporting quality in-house call centers. Not only do call centers have the tools they need to provide outstanding customer service, but they are also trained to integrate strategies and solutions at times when it will best benefit both the business and the consumer.

Mobile & Cellular Carriers

Cellular carriers like Cingular Wireless, Verizon Wireless, and Sprint all outsource at least a portion of their call center services. In an industry that’s constantly distributing new, technological products and advanced services, outsourced call centers can be extremely valuable for things like managing call volume. Because these call centers are equipped with the right staff, experience, and resources, they can better handle large workloads while maintaining consistent customer care.

Furthermore, outsourcing to a customer care call center can be a much more cost-effective way for mobile carriers to handle customer inquiries. Sprint, for example, estimates that they will save an estimated $550 million in customer care costs simply by outsourcing a fraction of their calls.  Carriers can strategically elect to outsource specific calls, like Tier 1 calls, billing inquiries, or technical support in order to provide quality support while maintaining a budget or meeting company goals.

Not only is outsourcing customer care an efficient, cost-effective way for businesses to manage customer inquiries, but it’s also a strategic way to provide a level of quality customer care that helps build success.

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