Owning and running a small business has a lot of positives and perks. You get to blaze a new trail, choose your own talent to work with, and the lack of red tape gives you the ability to offer your customers a more personal touch. However, there are a few problems small businesses need to deal with that big-name companies don’t, such as not having the budget or human power to keep up with the increasing demands of their customers.

Yes, small businesses have a reputation for meeting a higher customer service experience expectation, but it can be tough to do. There is just so much your small team can pull off without coming apart at the seams. The good news is that there are solutions, ones that won’t break the bank or your priorities.

Here are three customer service problems your company may be experiencing, along with their respective solutions.  

Problem 1: Having a Meager Online Presence

Web presence is something that big businesses invest in heavily. They know that in today’s environment if you’re not seen online in a big way then you simply don’t exist. If you don’t devote your time and energy to improving your online relationships, they’ll fail.


It should be obvious that your website needs to be fully functional, user-friendly, and easy on the eyes. Unfortunately, you can’t just stop there when a whole world of customers are looking for more. Although there is a whole lot more you can do when it comes to increasing your online presence, optimizing your site for mobile use, setting up a facebook page, and being active on social media is the new minimum.

  • Strategize: Use your business goals as a guide and make sure each of your online efforts is taking you closer to meeting those goals.
  • Optimize: There is a lot of content out there so be sure to provide as much value as possible. Use Google Keywords and solid SEO practices to gain rank.
  • Analyze: Track your traffic, followers, and progress.   

Problem 2: Lagging in the Technological Department

Technological innovations are coming faster and accomplishing more than ever before. Unfortunately, you only have so much budget to go around. Since you are a small company, you can assume you can just get away with doing certain things the old fashioned way without it hurting your business, right? Wrong.


The right tools can offer even small businesses significant benefits. A better management of inventory, an increase in sales, a more profitable way of pricing, and higher customer ratings are just a few of them. There are plenty of programs that are affordable without sacrificing functionality, but, keep in mind that a small investment can pay off big time. Don’t be afraid to stretch your budget if the long-term outlook shines.

Problem 3: Getting Overwhelmed with Customer Needs

Customers want to be heard. Let’s repeat. Customers want to be heard. Their questions? Answered. The concerns? Addressed. Often, they expect you to help them 24/7. Oh, and you have to be extremely pleasant and overcompensate in order for them to be happy to give you their business.

All of these demands quickly add up to overwhelmed customer service reps and a high turnover, both of which are bad for your business.


Every customer deserves an authentic response. A response in real time is even better. Keep an open mind when it comes to who is doing the responding. Whether it’s your product’s designer, an entire team dedicated to fixing a problem, or a call center customer service rep, you’ve got options.

There is no one right way to improve customer experience, it just needs to be done. As long as you’re sincere in keeping your customers’ needs first, whatever creative ways you can come up with to accomplish that will work just fine.

  • The Cloud: Ensuring your business can scale without any impact on your customers is a big deal. Now you have the flexibility to easily and immediately increase the level of service even as you expand.
  • Automatic Processes: When menial, repetitive tasks are already taken care of, more time is left for strategic, customer-oriented work.
  • Outsourced Technical Support: Allow state-of-the-art solutions and the professional experience behind them take care of your customers for you. By providing inbound and outbound teleservices, email response, live web chat, employee leasing, and interactive voice response (IVR), your overall customer satisfaction ratings can significantly improve.



As a small business, it all comes down to how you face and overcome the problems that can creep up. By accepting the challenge and seriously considering these solutions, your business will become better…and better able to compete with big business. Contact ROI Solutions today to see how we can help your business grow.