5 Ways To Earn Customer Loyalty

5 Ways to Earn Your Customer’s Loyalty

Having a loyal customer base can be the difference between what makes your business simply successful and what makes it thrive. As a business professional, you probably know that garnering the interest of prospective clients is entirely different than establishing a steadfast relationship that keeps customers loyal to your brand.

These five tips can help you avoid the risk of losing perspective and retain a dependable base of faithful customers:

1. Share Your Values

Connecting over values is one of the best ways you can gain a customer’s loyalty. In a recent study by the Corporate Executive Board, more than 64% of the 7,000 U.S. consumers surveyed said they had a brand relationship with a business that shared their values. Contrary to popular belief, sharing your values is easy. Consider these following methods:

  • Living the values: Communicate your values by leading by example. Speak often about the core values associated with the culture of your company and live the values so others can be influenced by your ethics.
  • Teach the values: Continually highlight company values in employee onboarding programs. Be sure to tell the story behind each value in order to clarify the importance of each value chosen and talk about the expectations of behavior related to these values.
  • Recognize the values: Reinforce the behaviors of people who are demonstrating core values by recognizing and rewarding them in real time. Having “Core Value Employees of the Month” and similar methods to recognize these core values will encourage fellow employees to follow suit.

2. Be Transparent

Without transparency, you have no base to build loyalty. In the world of business, sometimes plans veer off-course and things don’t go as planned. Instead of hiding behind the mistake or denying the problem, be honest and transparent with your customers. Be clear about the situation at hand, provide updates frequently, and address concerns immediately. Though your customers might be upset from time to time, they’ll stand behind your honesty and ability to be forthright about the situation.

3. Be Reliable

Build your brand’s reputation for being consistent and reliable. If you promise to deliver a product in two days, stand behind your product and do everything you can to ensure the delivery occurs within 48 hours. If your company advertises around-the-clock customer support, make sure you have the resources to provide the support your clients can depend on.

Moreover, don’t overwhelm your company and employees with a plethora of promises you can’t keep. Start small – ensuring you can stand behind one thing at a time. As your business grows and your customer base increases, you can selectively add more avenues for your company to prove reliability.

4. Ask For Feedback

Requesting feedback is powerful in harnessing customer loyalty. Not only does this prove your desire to learn you can better cater to your company, but requesting feedback can improve your relationship with customers. According to recent studies, 85% of consumers claim they’ve given some form of feedback to a brand or company, but only 46% of these individuals believe their feedback was used in a constructive manner.

By specifically asking for feedback, you’re opening a two-way dialogue with clients that lets them know their feedback is not only welcomed but acted upon in ways that will spur meaningful changes to the customer experience. Because they are able to have a valued say in how your company supports the customer experience, customers will cultivate a deeper trust and loyalty in your brand.

5. Be Quick & Proactive

Companies with superior customer loyalty aren’t just quick in their ability to respond to problems and setbacks, but they are also able to operate in a proactive manner that works to prevent common or potential issues. By striving to exceed customer expectations and reach out to customers before they have to ask for help or issue a complaint, you can establish your brand as both reliable and forward thinking – always putting their wants and needs first.

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