Which is Better, Live Chat or Phone Customer Service?

Do Your Customers Prefer Live Chat or Phone Conversations?

Are you interested in implementing live chat customer service on your website, but just aren’t sure that it will actually be an improvement when compared to your company’s current phone customer service policies? Here are some of the pros and cons of both customer service channels in order to help you decide what will best serve your purpose.

Live Chat

We have all heard the adage “everyone else is doing it,” but as we were taught in our youth, that doesn’t mean you have to do it, too. While live chat has been growing in popularity over the years, it may not be the answer to all of your customer service issues. However, with that being said, live chat does have many powerful benefits—just make sure to take the “cons” into consideration as well.

Pros of live chat

  • Quick response times. Live chat allows you to connect with your customers instantly, making them feel important as well as confident in your services.
  • Increased sales. Retail and ecommerce businesses can communicate with customers while they are shopping online, which can save cart abandons.
  • Improved customer interaction. It’s a great opportunity to engage with customers and give them a more personal experience.
  • Increased efficiency. Your support team can be part of multiple chats at the same time.
  • Better brand recognition. Customers become more loyal when they feel respected and their needs are met.

Cons of Live Chat

  • Written communication is void of emotion. While you are can give immediate responses, it’s difficult to determine what your customer is actually feeling.
  • It has to be done right or not at all. If your support team doesn’t reply to a live chat immediately, your customer will be deterred.
  • It can be a distraction. Live chat is likely one of many things your support team oversees on a daily basis. Constantly being interrupted by chat could derail them from other important projects.

Phone Conversations

Most companies offers phone customer service, and while it is definitely a great way to engage with customers personally, there are other things to consider.

Pros of Phone Customer Service

  • Customers receive one-on-one attention. It is easier to connect with a customer when speaking to them directly.
  • You can respond to customer emotions. Support team members can better respond to customers when they are able to hear the emotions in their voice.
  • Phone calls can be recorded. These voice recordings can help dispute any claims that are made against your company.

Cons of Phone Customer Service

  • Support team members can only handle one call at a time. Customers may have to wait on hold longer than they would like.
  • Scripts can be a drawback. Scripted support feels, well, scripted, and doesn’t always fulfill your customer’s needs.
  • Customer discomfort. Many people feel uncomfortable voicing their concerns, so having to make a phone call can be a little off-putting.

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