Can Bots Improve the Customer Experience?

Fact or Fiction: Automated Voice Services Improve the Customer Experience

Chatbots, or automated voice services, are rapidly gaining popularity throughout the business industry. Whether they are being implemented in targeting audiences via chatbot messaging marketing, social media engagement and conversation, or personalized promotional campaigns, companies are finding that using bots in various aspects of the business process can add ease and efficiency where there once was none.

While chatbots undoubtedly have their perks in streamlining hard business efforts, they aren’t always better for improving customer experience. Below, you’ll find three ways that having real-life customer service agents continues to outweigh the benefits of using bots.

  1. Build better relationships

    Every year, more than 67% of customers get frustrated and hang up the phone if they can’t talk to a real person. Not only does this build unnecessary barriers between your company and your clients, but it increases the probability that customers will develop a negative opinion about your business.
    Because news of a bad customer experience is likely to spread twice as fast as positive praise, these negative experiences could be detrimental to your company’s success. However, by having a real-life call agent, you can quickly and effectively address unhappy customers in a personal manner and eliminate hindering barriers.

  2. Human-centric customer service is key

    Bots are often implemented as solution for protecting companies from costly customer interactions. And despite the fact that our world is becoming increasingly automated, the importance of building human-centric customer service remains critical for success. With call center solutions like real-life customer service agents, your company can get to know customers on a personal level, which – by humanizing your clients – you, therefore, humanize your business.

  3. Bots can’t compare

    Simply put, there is no effective substitution for friendly, knowledgeable, human customer service. No matter how advanced chatbots or automated voice services are, they will never be able to provide customers with an authentic voice that’s there to do everything possible to find a solution or to make customers feel heard, appreciated, and acknowledged. Real-life call agents can do all of this and more.

If you’re a business owner looking for an affordable way to provide ultimate customer service to your clients but don’t want to bend to quasi-effective solution of chatbots, contact ROI Call Center Solutions. With years of experience in the customer service industry, our trained professionals can give your business the personalized human touch your customer service efforts need.

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