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How to Measure Good Customer Service for Small Businesses

When running a small business, customer service can make or break you. So how do you know if you or your team is providing good customer service? At ROI Solutions, we can tell you a few tips on how to measure good customer service and what you should be doing to make sure the service provided is the most effective it can be.

Delivering Good Customer Service

If you are looking for some guidance when it comes to training your team to provide excellent customer service, it may be time to ask yourself a few simple, yet important, questions. Customer service is a highly measurable performance that can be tracked with ease. While each company has its own metrics that can be measured, good—and bad—customer service is something that is now easier to record than ever before. If you want to learn how to measure good customer service, asking the following questions is definitely a good place to start:

  • Are our customer service efforts organized?
  • Do we communicate with our customers?
  • How many complaints do we have?
  • What is our process when a complaint comes through?
  • Do we work quickly to resolve problems?
  • How do we compare with our competitors?
  • Is our brand recognizable?
  • Are our customers satisfied?

If you answered all of these questions with a resolute “YES,” all of your customer service reports must be positively shining! However, while it can appear that your team is providing the best in customer service, there is always room for improvement. So, where do you begin and how do you measure the effectiveness of your process?


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Measuring Effectiveness Is Not Exactly Rocket Science

When it comes to feeling more confident about your business’s customer service, knowing exactly where you stand helps. Running reports, creating graphs, and analyzing data all provide you with feedback that will lead to much-needed improvements.

We all know that not every business runs their customer service department the same way, nor should they. But there are universal ways to track the effectiveness of your customer service. Whether you own a store that provides face-to-face support or manage a call center that only does business over the phone, the main objective of your company is always complete satisfaction for every customer.

If you run your business over the phone, calls can be recorded and analyzed. Creating a checklist to see if your customer service rep is really listening to the issue at hand, is quick to help when it comes to finding a resolution, and is empathetic with the customer is a great way to measure efficiency.

Customer service satisfaction surveys are an amazing and underused measuring tool for all businesses. A short and sweet survey that touches on a variety of areas in customer service can convey a lot of information about your process without being overly invasive to your customers. Simply ask questions about satisfaction, what improvements could be made, if returning their product easy, or anything else that pertains to your specific business.

Measuring in-store customer service might seem more difficult and feel less consistent, but it ultimately comes down to whether or not your customer service team can handle tough situations without having to call for backup. Tracking the frequency of these issues will lead to better training sessions that will leave your team feeling better prepared and able to help customers.

Instigating Improvements

Once you pin down some customer service practices that seem to be lacking, it’s time to find ways to improve. Whether your team needs weekly pep talks, monthly trainings, or even occasional testing, do whatever it takes to make them aware of any issues. Customer service needs will change, so make sure your trainings are always evolving. And keep in mind, happy employees make for happy customers.

To learn more about the best ways to measure good customer service and how to rectify your problem areas, contact ROI Solutions at (877) 768-9425 today. We can quickly schedule a no-obligation, free consultation at your convenience.

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